How To Save Money as a Student

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Whether you’re at university, studying from home or about to embark on a stint at college, being a student eats into your available work time and as a result into your income. However, rather than spending your time as a poor student here is how to save money as a student.

Get Budgeting

Whether you’re a student or not, working out your monthly budget is the best way to stay on top of what you’re spending – and where you might be able to make savings. It doesn’t have to be anything too extravagant, but a quick list of incomings and outgoings gives you a solid idea of what you have to spend each month – and areas where you might be spending more than you need.

Choose A Great Student Bank Account

There are plenty of good bank account deals around so make sure you look for one that suits you as a student. You’ll find that different bank accounts come with different perks attached to them – for example, free home insurance or cashback at certain places, so finding the bank account that suits you best is highly recommended.

Avoid Borrowing Where Possible

When you register as a student you’ll likely be sent plenty of offers where lenders want to lend you money – and when things are tight these are tempting. However, you have to remember that these will all need to be paid back and if you’re borrowing at a time when things are tight then they’re only likely to be a temporary fix.

Can You Avoid Things Like Home Insurance?

If you’re living away from home then you are probably considering things like home insurance to protect your belongings at your student accommodation. If your parents have home insurance then it is worth checking the details of their policy, as you may find that your goods are covered and you don’t need to worry about your own home insurance policy at all.

Shop Around for Utilities

Students, pensioners, homeowners, tenants – basically everyone, should be looking at their utilities and making sure that they are on the best deal for their needs. We all know that energy prices have been on the increase recently and as such, bills for this have gone up. Not only that but companies such as broadband providers are always changing their deals and offers. Shop around for the best deal and when your minimum contract for any of these has run out, shop around again!

Look For Student Deals

Lots of retailers offer student discounts and often you just need a student email address in order to register. Get looking for what deals are available and make sure that you’re benefiting from these as much as possible.

Get On The Side Hustles

As well as saving money being a student it is wise to keep an eye on side hustles and deals to see where you could be making yourself some pocket money along the way. Surveys, cashback offers and signup deals are generally available to everyone, including students so keeping an eye on what there is out there and keeping on top of the best current side hustle opportunities helps to ensure that your income is as lucrative as possible without eating into valuable studying time and taking you away from student commitments.

Make Use of Time Saving Services

Many students also use the services of places such as to help with their essay writing. This speeds up the process of them submitting their completed assignments and leaves them more time to be able to complete side hustles and money making schemes, which helps their overall finances. This customer essay writing service uses professional writers and so using a company such as this for help with assignments can be really useful. 

Sign Up To Cashback Websites

There are now plenty of cashback websites – websites designed to give you a small percentage back on any purchases you make at selected retailers. Although it might seem like a small amount back users find that their account total quickly adds up. Not only that but it’s cashback on items that you were going to buy anyway, so why wouldn’t you want to benefit from money off of these products or services?

Cancel Subscriptions

Don’t forget to check which subscription services you’re signed up to and whether these can be cancelled. For example, if you’re moving away can you cancel your existing gym membership? Do you have Netflix that you will no longer need? Consider which monthly subscription services you are no longer taking advantage of and get these cancelled.

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