How to make money Self Publishing your e-book

How to make money Self Publishing your e-book

They say everyone has at least one good novel inside them and for some people they can turn that novel into cold hard cash! Below is the story of one such person who turned their love of writing into an income online by publishing their e-book themselves!


Hi everyone, I make money every month from loyalties payments from Amazon. This is how I started off …

I am one half of an author partnership with my brother, we both read a lot and after an argument over me not lending him a John Grisham novel I had read because it was so awful, (The Confession if your interested) He said “we’ll do you think you could do any better?”

Frankly I thought I could, so armed with my trusty laptop I wrote a chapter. I sent it to him by email and sat back to wait for his praise at my unbelievable literary talent.

Nothing. Nada. Nowt.

Days passed.

Then a phone call. He said basically that he knew it wasn’t my own work but he couldn’t find the source. He’d scoured the internet for days trying to find where I copied it from.

I assured him it was all mine and he reluctantly admitted it was quite good. He actually said it was as good as anything he had read recently. High praise indeed. I told him I’d been thinking about writing for a while and he went away thoughtfully.

A couple of days later he emailed me an outline for a novel, I thought it was a brilliant idea. I rang him excitedly telling him what should happen in Ch3. as opposed to his outline. He told me to write it then, he’d work on Ch1 an Ch2. We started writing chapters and emailing them to each other, editing them and agreeing any changes somehow.

So that’s how we started. At first friends and family bought a copy. We spent a fair bit of time telling people about free kindle software, you can download Kindle for most Smartphones, PCc’s and Android devices from here.


It was very slow starting, I can remember texting each other when we sold a copy we were that excited! Amazon gives you a publisher account page that enables you to track sales by title, time period, etc.


And another nice little earner is from Amazon Prime customers, they get to download books for free as they pay a monthly fee. You get a loyalties payment based on pages read. In recent months this has been as much as our monthly sales total.


We have the following books self published now …

1. Previous time lucky
2. Previous time served
3. Single Handed *
4. Running gear
5. Voyages with kipper
6. Ungentlemanly conduct #

* Our best seller by some way so far !
# a collection of short stories

I think the best promotion for our books is from Amazon themselves when your titles start to appear in the ‘people who bought this also bought…’

If your work is good it will start to sell. Feedback really helps from buyers, I wish more took the trouble. As an example last month we sold 170 books and got 2 feedback, both 5* reviews.

So I’m saying give it a go, If you think you can do it TRY!!

And feel free to have a look at any of our titles, we use the author name Chris Robb. Here is a link to our author page.

By the way – I do really like all of the other John Grisham books I have read!!

I also rate Jo Nesbo, Michael Connelly, Martin Cruz Smith and many others.

Good luck!!

What do you think?

Written by themoneyshed

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