How to Save Money as a Full Time Blogger

How to Save Money as a Full Time Blogger

How to Save Money as a Full Time Blogger

Running a blog is difficult when there’s so many things to remember: emailing, scheduling posts, writing new content, collaborating with other bloggers, and the list goes on. Neglecting the smaller things is easy and can be costly which is lethal to your business. These five tips are designed to help you save and make money every day without taking up too much of your precious time:

1. Find a reliable web host.

If your credit/debit card is linked to your host, you may find more money is being taken out than you intended. Your host is likely to advertise deals and offers on their page or through their mailing list, which can seem helpful but these quickly add up. Check your bank statements carefully to make sure you aren’t spending too much on content you don’t really need. You should also do some research into the different web hosts online and read reviews from other bloggers to see which are the most reliable. 

2. Find a cheap broadband provider.

In the UK, 15 million homes are paying more than necessary for their broadband. This is because there is no legal requirement stating that contractors need to provide a notification once your initial payment ends. Loyalty sadly doesn’t pay off with broadband providers, but if you switch regularly, you’ll be able to prevent any shifty ‘out of contract’ payments. If your broadband provider does offer an alert system, switch it on. Also check your bills and statements carefully and research current broadband deals to make sure you are getting the best service for the best price.

3. Choose a laptop. 

Laptops can save you much more money than using desktop computers because they are designed to be used without a power source. This can save you as much as 80% of energy! They are also portable which allows you to take all your data with you to conferences, meetings, or even to the coffee shop if you need to get away from home for a bit. 

4. Heat yourself, not your home.

If you’re cold, wear warm clothing or try jogging on the spot for a minute or so before continuing work. You could even drape a blanket over your knees, but make sure turning the heating on is a last resort. If you must, try to just heat the room you’re working in rather than the whole house. Similarly, if it is hot, invest in a fan and wear light clothing rather than using air conditioning. 

5. Know your customers.

Marketing is a vital tool for full-time bloggers. In order to gain more traffic, you need to know your client-base well. Use analytics and data to determine the demographic of your customers. This way, you can target the people most likely to look at your site or buy into your content, instead of marketing too broadly which will waste money in the long term. Although this research may cost you more time, it is worth it when it comes to revenue, and growing your customer base. 

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