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Does your ride sometimes feel a bit bumpier than you would like? Do your tyres tire you out because of the sound they make when you are cruising down the motorway? The problem, surprisingly enough, might lie with your tyres. Let us take a look at the connections between your tyres and ride quality.

When It’s Not Tyres

There are a number of things that can make your ride feel uncomfortable, and these should be ruled out before you decide that the problem is the tyres and start planning to lay out a considerable sum on a new set. These include your tyres not being aligned properly, which can cause excessive wear and tear, and even scraping on the axle. This adds to the bumpiness of your ride, and can also be very noisy and even squeaky. Alternatively, your suspension might be going. If the car seems to dip or bounce, especially when you go around corners, this can point to the problem lying in the suspension system. Finally, if your brakes are misaligned, they can scrape on the tyres, wearing them down, giving you a very uncomfortable ride and making an unpleasant noise. Only once you are certain it is none of these issues can you assume that the problem lies with your tyres – your local garage will be able to advise you, if you are not certain.

Wrong Season

If you are using summer tyres in cold weather conditions, you might find your car responding poorly to your acceleration or braking. The same is true of the reverse: despite their excellence in cold, icy, or muddy conditions, winter tyres do not do well in warm conditions on a hard road: they are too soft and you might find yourself skidding and slipping on roads that you should easily be able to navigate.

Premium vs Budget

But the most common problem with a car’s tyres is that they are budget tyres. Budget tyres are okay, just about. They are legally compliant and must adhere to basic industry standards – but they do not do much to enhance the driving experience, and, often, they are more costly in the long run than a better quality premium tyre because they need to be replaced more often. Premium tyres enjoy the benefits of the industry’s latest research and developments, and they are carefully engineered to last a long time in excellent condition if treated right.

If you are suffering with a poor quality ride and think that your tyres might be the problem, why not invest in a good set of tyres and see how you go? Looking for a Basingstoke based tyre supplier? Headley has got you covered with its exclusive tyre deals. Visit now to avail great prices.

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