Why we should all play online bingo?

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Recreational activities are necessity for all human beings to reduce stress levels and increase the feeling of happiness and enjoyment that everyone wants.

Each individual has preferences in the type of activities they like to do to find a moment of fun.

Bingo is a playful entertainment that has been very popular among friends, clubs and social spaces, so participating in this type of game is an activity is a popular choice for many players around the world.

Thanks to the development of digital platforms, today it is possible to find websites where you can play bingo, following the same rules as traditional bingo and from the comfort of your home.

Pick your time and place

The most remarkable feature of online bingo websites is that you can play from anywhere, at any time without the need to travel or make any specific arrangements.

This is due to its online nature of course, so whenever you have free time, you can jump on any Bingo game in a matter of minutes.

Phones and tablets these days have high resolution screens and processors at a par with laptops. They can reproduce faithfully any type of game, including gambling games such as Online Bingo.

You can play different types of games

Bingo has changed and created many variations over its lifespan. For example, in the United States it is very common to play 75 ball. In the UK, enjoy more playing the traditional 99 ball game instead. Fortunately, most of online bingo websites have both games. In addition they have more games that maybe are not as popular as the games mentioned before, but they definitely add variety and entertainment.

Once again, since it is played online you can jump from game to game and since the numbers are scratched automatically you can play while watching TV or doing something else. You can put as much attention as you want on the game.

Is it safe to play bingo online?

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One of the most common questions among players is whether playing online bingo is safe and legal.

The answer is yes in most cases: all internet sites must comply with the relevant gaming regulations established by UKGC.  Legal bingo website are designed in such a way as to guarantee the security of the personal data of each player and the impartiality of the game.

The licence of any online bingo website can be easily checked at any time in the Gambling Commission website.

These platforms use sophisticated computer programs to ensure that each match is fair and secure. They emulate the experience of being in a physical game room guided by the same rules. The only noticeable difference is that the digital modality allows you to reliably access a game from the comfort of your home.

One of the safest aspects of playing online bingo is that the system itself is responsible for crossing out the numbers on each participant’s virtual card, so there is no room for errors. This means that a person can enjoy the experience and excitement of playing bingo while interacting with other players, without worrying about having to cross off the numbers that have been drawn.

How to attract new players while taking care of the regulars

Now that you know what Online Bingo is, we can discuss some marketing tools these Bingo sites use to invite new players which you can take advantage of to get the best out of your money.

Welcome deposits

Welcome deposits are a great way to attract new players. What they do is, basically, offer a percentage bonus of your initial deposit when you create an account.

For example, in Costa Bingo website, when you create your account and add money to your wallet for the first time you will receive 300% in bonus cash. Meaning that when playing online bingo real money if you add £10 you’ll get £30.

On top of that 300% upgrade of your money they give you 30 free spins for you to try your luck on the many games they offer in their website.

As for payment methods to make your deposits, there are many options available such as credit cards, wire transfers and or PayPal. There are many options for you to pick and get started!

Free spins

Free spins are rewards that are usually tied to deposits, for new players and regulars, but there are many times where they are just offered for no particular reason.

These are chances providers giveaway to users so they can try their luck on new games. Fortunately, these are used on regular games so the prizes are the same you would get by using your credit.

There’s just no downside to this type of promotion and you should stay alert to grab your free spins when the offers are on.

Free games

Sometimes there are free games available and, while the prices are mostly small, they are free and there’s nothing to complain here.

If you ran out of credits or you have reached your maximum for the day you can keep playing with these free games.

Special days

Bingo providers have special promotions during certain days. For example, on Mondays they may add an extra £500 jackpot to specific games that you can go hunt for. Promotions and prizes may vary from provider to provider, but the idea remains the same.

Loyalty Schemes

For regular players, Online Bingo providers offer VIP subscriptions that will grant them access to special promotions, free spins and better prizes. It is a very noble way to let players know how valuable their loyalty to the providers is.

So, if you have found your favorite Online Bingo site you may apply for a VIP membership and get the best out of your credits.


There are many Online Bingo providers out there for you to find and, fortunately for players, they are always trying to find ways to keep their players base loyal by offering big promotions, free spins and boost their deposits.

We advise that check your favourite Online Bingo provider website in the promotions tab to see what they have waiting for you to claim!

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