5 events you can create to reward and incentivise your staff when on a budget 

5 events you can create to reward and incentivise your staff when on a budget 

In business, it’s important to incentivise and reward your staff as best you can to keep them motivated, happy and enjoying their work, and doing the best possible job for you. But rewarding and incentivising doesn’t have to mean organising expensive events for employees, like costly coach trips or classy nights out.

There are plenty of ways you can incentivise and reward your team when your company’s money is tight. Incentives company, CR Events, offers five events you can create to reward and incentivise your staff when on a budget.

Hold an office barbecue 

A good way to incentivise your staff during the summer, without breaking the bank, is to hold a company barbecue. Allowing your employees to enjoy such an event, which they would perhaps only associate with their family and close friends, can make them feel special and valued.

You could hold your barbecue in your company grounds just before a challenging period for your team, or organise one to reward them afterwards. Being outside in the sun, enjoying good well-cooked foods can feel special for staff, especially if you, the company manager, is the one doing all the cooking.

Organise a movie night 

If you have a decent-sized TV and DVD player in your workplace, or are able to bring one in from home, why not transform a room in your business into a mini cinema and organise a movie night. Watching a fun film together, like an old classic or new release after hours in the workplace, can feel special and exciting for staff.

It can also help employees feel more relaxed and comfortable in the office – an environment that could previously have been causing them stress – while allowing them to switch off for the evening. And you only need to pay for a film, popcorn and snacks.

Arrange a breakfast get-together 

On those busy weeks, when it’s difficult to make time for incentives and rewards during the day, why not get your team in extra early for a special sit-down breakfast in your boardroom. It can make your staff feel appreciated, while allowing you to sit down with them, eat and socialise together. This can also allow them to see you as an equal member of the team, rather than the company boss.

It’s a good idea to pick a Friday to hold your breakfast, as it can feel like a satisfying end to a challenging week, while preparing them for that last slog ahead before the weekend. You could have your team’s full English breakfasts delivered to you – there are cafes and greasy spoons that will offer this for businesses at a cheap price. Or you could buy some croissants, pastries and fresh meats from your local supermarket and put together an enjoyable continental spread.

Create a staff treasure hunt 

A fun way to incentivise your staff, while challenging them too, can be to create a treasure hunt. This is something you can do yourself, or perhaps choose to get a helping hand from your directors, with the only real cost being the time it takes to put it all together. Bedside paper and pens, all you really need is a bit of creativity to come up with a dozen or so clues, which can take your employees to different things around your company’s local area, from house numbers to street signs to landmarks.

These events can feel like a bit of an adventure for employees. They should also appreciate the work you’ve put into the treasure hunt and the time you’ve taken to put it together. Depending on your availability, you could keep your treasure hunt short or make it last a couple of hours. You could also split your employees into teams or ask them to go round individually, depending on the size of your workforce. You can throw in a little prize for the employee who works out the most clues too, like a bottle of wine, big box of chocolates or high-street vouchers.

Make Friday treats day

Finally, a great, simple and cheap way to incentivise your team at the end of a busy week is to create a treats day for staff, by bringing in some sweet and chocolatey treats into the office. Things like chocolates, cakes and doughnuts often go down well and can bring a bit of happiness during stressful times at work. Staff can help themselves to the treats through the day, creating a bit of an event for them and marking the day as something special.

Bringing in treats is a little gesture that doesn’t cost much and can make employees feel liked, valued and appreciated. This can especially be important when times are hard, clients are being difficult, and work is piling up. Picking a Friday can work well, as more people are likely to partake before the weekend. You could even make it a regular event, giving your staff a little something to look forward to.

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