5 Finance Platforms Every Trader Should Know About

5 Finance Platforms Every Trader Should Know About

The financial market is more lucrative than ever, mainly because it is more accessible and easier to navigate. Even when you are completely new to the market, you can start trading your favourite foreign currency pairs, commodities, or stocks in a matter of minutes.

Before you can start trading and banking profits, however, the most important step to take is in choosing the right trading platform based on your objectives and personal preferences. There are 5 finance platforms every trader should know about, and we are going to review them in this article.


There are reasons why eToro is very popular among beginners and experienced traders alike. The trading platform offers access to a wide range of financial products and instruments, including the latest cryptocurrencies and ETFs.

EToro also prides itself for being highly community-based. Those who want to learn about trading and the financial market in general can do so by following discussions, reading articles and other resources, and testing the waters using a demo account. There are also sites like with detailed tutorials for new eToro users.


While eToro has an integrated broker to further enrich its platform, MetaTrader uses a slightly different approach. It is a financial platform designed to be fully independent as a platform itself. MetaTrader is very popular among forex brokers, so don’t be surprised to find the broker of your choice offering MetaTrader as a way to trade forex pairs.


Another interesting financial platform you should know is ZuluTrade. This is a platform for copy-trading. What it means is that you can follow the trades of other expert traders in different markets. ZuluTrade comes equipped with advanced money management tools, allowing you to add a touch of your own strategy to the mix.

ZuluTrade also has a broker integrated into the platform, but it can be used with a wide range of other brokers on the market. ZuluTrade’s own broker, AAAFX, also focuses on forex trading while giving access to other financial instruments.


Risk management is a big part of financial trading, and Ayondo understands that really well. The platform is designed around money management and risk management. While the tools are advanced and very flexible, Ayondo remains easy to use even for beginners. After a few minutes, you will be trading CFDs like a pro.


Darwinex is another copy-trading platform for beginners and professionals alike. The copy-trading features are not only versatile, but also highly customizable. A lot of traders use Darwinex to fully automate their trading strategy; you can too.

Speaking of social trading, one additional financial platform you should know is SwipeStox. The platform is quickly becoming popular as the Tinder of trading. Combined with the other platforms mentioned in this article, SwipeStox solidifies the rise of social trading and the accessibility of today’s financial market.

Now that you know the best platforms to choose from, starting your journey into the financial market and trading should be easier to do. Be sure to browse through trading tips we have here on The Money Shed so you can bank profits from the start.

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5 Finance Platforms Every Trader Should Know About

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