Using affiliate marketing to earn money from dating websites

Using affiliate marketing to earn money from dating websites

It’s every entrepreneur’s dream to set up a business model that, once properly implemented, can be set to one side while it generates a good turnover. This, essentially, is the ethos behind a successful affiliate marketing scheme. These programs involve retailers providing links to their products which small traders can post onto their own web platforms, in return for receiving a slice of commission. Provided due attention is taken to the cardinal points – choosing the optimum product and promoting it effectively – there is no reason at all why considerable income is not achievable. As well as products, the marketer can focus on services. So what particular service areas should budding affiliates being looking into? Surely one of the most potentially lucrative would be online dating.

Affiliate marketing does tend to focus on products because incorporating hyperlinks leading directly to sales pages is a more intuitive process. However, all sorts of services are in demand, and online matchmaking is no exception.

Planning your business

First of all, put yourself in the shoes of a potential customer seeking this type of resource. What type of relationship are you searching for? Human nature being what it is, the possibilities here are endless, with a dizzying array of choices available. Are you looking for individuals to connect with platonically, to widen your friendship circle? Or are you hoping to get acquainted with other singles, on an intimate but fairly casual basis? It might be the case you wish to join a dating site with the firm intention of searching for a romantic partner.

Within these generic wishlists, there are myriad sub-divisions. Same-sex or age-gap dating. Sites aimed at bringing together people with a shared interest in music, gaming, sports events, role-playing, and many other possibilities. Your next consideration should be to focus on exactly how affiliate marketing operates.

Affiliate marketing in practical terms

It is not simply a case of receiving hyperlinks from a retailer and posting them on your website and anticipating multiple click-throughs. The key aspect of running a successful affiliate marketing operation is to make the products or services secondary to your actual web content. Providing accurate, interesting and compelling articles for your readers is far more crucial. You don’t want to come across as a virtual salesman.

With that in mind, you should pay close attention to the subject matter already discussed here. Carving out a successful niche as an affiliate involves making competent decisions about the service you wish to promote. What type of dating sites could you type into, reflecting your interest in these within your overall web content?

Customer engagement

In order to provide a seamless transition for your site visitors between the paragraphs of text and the links to the services being promoted, it is important to fully engage with your customers. You have numerous sites to choose from, but a good starting point might be described as an online naughty club, geared up to introducing singles in an informal, fairly frivolous but nonetheless exciting and addictive way. Consider the typical client who would be interested in investing in joining such a site. These resources do have such a diverse range of customers, but this would work in your favor, giving you flexibility when providing the front-end content.

It could be your blog discusses more general relationship matters, and dating aspects could be inserted as part of the overall discussion. This approach would be ideal, in that you never want to make it obvious you are plugging it particular service. Links to the dating site you wish to affiliate to should be organically placed within the body of your web content. Assuming you can entice your customers to fully engage with what you are writing about, they may well be inspired to actually activate the hyperlink and investigate. Your ultimate goal should be to encourage customers to become members, allowing you to accumulate commission.

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