5 things Profit Squad do better than other Matched Betting companies

5 things Profit Squad do better than other Matched Betting companies 7

Profit Squad

When you are trying to choose which Matched Betting company to use there are lots of different things to consider. From price to the size of the community there are without doubt a whole host of factors for you to consider when choosing which company to give you money to each month.

Profit Squad have been kind enough to give us a peak behind their paywall to show us 5 amazing things Profit Squad does better than anyone else!

The most organised money making strategy around!

There are lots of different ways to make money when doing Matched Betting and the guys at Profit Squad has organised all those methods into one easy to understand menu system. As you can see below all the different traditional sections of Matched Betting have their own section and once you click through you will be presented with content specifically around the type you’ve chosen.

Profit Squad provide a service that is initially tailored towards helping beginners get up and running, holding your hand through the learning process making it great for newbies – but also they cater far beyond the basics of Matched Betting, providing enough proven methods to help you make money for years to come.

Profit Squad - Offers

Feature Packed Daily Calendars offer

Knowing what offers to do and when is the KEY to doing Matched Betting longterm. A great example would be during the ever infamous Cheltenham week when there is a monumental amount of offers everyday during the festival.

Profit Squad differs to some other Matched Betting companies in that it presents your daily reload offers in the form of a Calendar. You can then look to the week ahead and plan what offers you want to do giving you a far better advantage.

Each day of the year between 20-40 offers are uploaded to the calendar and you can tell just by looking at the image below how many offers they post on a weekly basis!

Profit Squad - Calendar

One thing you will notice if you look at this calendar closely is that Profit Squad break down each offer to show their Expected Value (EV) and Guaranteed Profit (GP) so you know just how much each is going to be worth before you do it.

The huge advantage of this is that users can login to their website and see straight away what offers they should do to maximise their earnings for the time they have available to bet. The calendar also has a number of filters that can be applied to help give you the results you want. One nifty feature is the ability to ‘freeze out’ bookies you may have been gubbed by so you no longer get exposed to their offers! You can even change the ‘offer status‘ to ‘in progress‘ or ‘complete‘ which even changes the colours of the offers within the calendar!

Casino Connoisseurs

Anyone that follows me on social media or in the dedicated Matched Betting thread in The Money Shed forum will know I am always up for doing a casino offer or two.

I still believe that Casino bonuses can be used to make very easy money. One debate that’s currently going on in the Profit Squad forum is actually a debate about if Casino offers are even more profitable than sports matched-betting!

Profit Squad help new users by presenting them in a detailed fashion

For the new members who are not sure about casino offers, they have a list of offers so you can dip your toe in the water before diving in and using real money. But the results are pretty astounding, particularly once you work your way up to the “Advanced Casino Offers” – Profit Squad have just added over 100 of these offers last week and the training video shows the results of nearly 800 offers, that mostly lost (which is to be expected for these offers) but results in a net profit of over £16k in just a few months.

This part of the service is clearly worth the membership fee alone, and I think Profit Squad are giving their members a highly valuable service here while some others are charging extra for this kind of thing.

Profit Squad - Casino Offers

Making money without Free Bets & Bonuses

Being able to still make money after you’ve been gubbed from a bookie is something anyone who does long term Matched Betting would want. Luckily there is a dedicated area within Profit Squad that lays out some amazing strategies to let you continue making money even after the gubbing.

Among the amazing concept is of course the ever famous ‘Dutching’. For many other Matched Betting services this concept can be something of an afterthought however the guys at Profit Squad actively promote it and have even developed their own strategy called ‘Each Way Dutching’ which their members have been using and making some really solid profit on. As always there is a training video involved however in this one it shows how one of the guys that run the site have used this strategy on 110 races and has made around £8.5k. All with no free bets, no bonuses and no extra places!

Profit Squad - Dutching


Without doubt one of the areas that Profit Squad excels with innovation and presented new concepts. A great example of this was in early 2017 when a Betsafe loophole saw a lot of Profit Squad members dodging wagering requirements on a HUGE daily bonus with some members making in excess of £8000 in 1 week! They were also the first Matched Betting company to add a built in Profit Tracker removing the need for localised spreadsheets!

Profit Squad - Profit Tracker

There’s no doubting that Profit Squad are ahead of the curve in some major areas of Matched Betting. From their fantastic level of customer care to all their innovations I think you can’t go far wrong if you decide to use them as your Matched Betting company of choice.

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