5 Ways to make your staycation cheaper

Ways to make your staycation cheaper

It looks like staycations are the way forward, at least for a while. Local holidaying is nothing new and many people have done it for years! It’s a great way to explore your home country and enjoy the sights that are close to you. The familiarity of your native language and not being so far away from home are often ideal factors for families. And a staycation is usually associated with a cheaper way to enjoy a holiday.

But with the rise in popularity of local breaks this year, it has become more expensive to find accomodation and things to do on a budget. Hotels around the country are full and this means prices are ramped up. But have you thought of other ways to enjoy a staycation, one that allows you to stick to your budget? At, we love exploring the best deals for your holiday so we have come up with 5 ways to make your staycation cheaper. 

Ditch the car!

staycation train

When you think of a staycation you instantly imagine yourself driving somewhere. This does seem like the most logical option, especially if you have a family and need to bring a lot of luggage. Although Brits love to complain about the prices of train tickets, they are not always as expensive as you think. If you book far in advance and use discount options like railcards, your journey for the entire family can work out cheaper by train than by car. And when it comes to packing luggage, less is more!

If you’re really looking to save, consider travelling to your destination on a bus. Companies like Megabus and Flixbus have tickets for as little as £1. These buses come with Wi-Fi, charging sockets and comfy seats. And because you don’t have to focus on the road, you can just sit back and relax.

Find alternative accommodation


Another way of making your staycation cheaper is by broadening your horizon when it comes to accomodation. A hotel might seem like the easiest option, but this is also usually the most expensive! If you can, try to arrange housesitting for friends or family members. 

If you are fairly confident the weather is going to be nice while you’re away you can opt in for camping. After a bit more luxury? Glamping is an affordable alternative! Being close to nature and breathing in all that fresh air – what’s not to like?

A good in-between option is staying at a hostel. This way you get the luxury of your own bed and a warm shower, without the cost of a hotel. You can usually get a 2 or 4 sleeper room in a hostel, which is basically a private room if you are with your family! Hostels also often have a common (games) room, pub or bar located on site where you can get good discounts if you’re a hostel guest.

Avoid the obvious dates and destinations

It will come as no surprise that weekends are most expensive when it comes to travel and accomodation bookings. If you can avoid to check-in on a Friday or Saturday – do! Weekday travel will get you a better deal and save you those hard-earned pennies. And it comes with the added benefit that it is quieter everywhere.

Just like popular dates, you want to avoid popular destinations if you can. Places like London, Edinburgh and southern sea-side resorts are very expensive because of high demand. There are so many other beautiful towns to visit that do not come with an expensive price tag and lots of other tourists. How about the Cotswolds, Pembrokeshire or Norfolk?

Plan low-cost activities like parks and museums

Staycation Park

We all know that a holiday budget doesn’t just exist of travel and accommodation. You will also want to do fun things while you’re away from home and this can be expensive! Theme parks, shopping and eating out – it all adds up. Wherever you are, there is likely to be a nice park or museum nearby. Most museums in the UK are free and provide a fun day out for the entire family.

If you staycation often, you can consider buying a National Trust Membership. They are good value for single- joint or family passes and last you an entire year. There are over 500 venues in the UK and you can visit as many as you want with your membership. It is a small investment that pays off throughout the year. Visit one of their many stately homes on your day out and bring a packed lunch to enjoy in the large gardens!

Make use of discount codes and offers

Your mailbox probably gets inundated with discount offers all day. Instead of always thinking ‘I must unsubscribe’: make use of them! Hotel chains, car rental or even discounted luggage – there is money to be saved on everything you do on your staycation.

Theme parks often run 2for1 ticket offers to save you money and a lot of restaurants in the UK have discounted meals available, especially for kids. Don’t be afraid to ask.

These are our 5 ways to make your staycation cheaper. All these tips can also be applied if you’re actually staying at home for your holiday! Use discounted offers to buy your children (or yourself) craft boxes or toys, go to your local free museum and plan days out on a weekday if you can. Enjoy your staycation!

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