7 Countries Poised to Be Great Gambling Destinations

Great Gambling Destinations

Top 7 Countries Known to Be Major Gambling Destinations

The last two decades have marked a significant period in the gambling industry, as, during this span, the gambling sector has experienced rapid growth like never before. Many countries that considered gambling illegal made reforms to legalize it as a sport and entertainment endeavor.

Today, there are countries whose economy substantially depends on the gambling industry. Both hobbyist players and professional gamblers from all over the world visit these locations to try out their luck and have a good time playing their favorite games.

Here are seven topmost countries with a well-rooted gambling sector:

·       United States

·       Philippines

·       United Kingdom

·       Singapore

·       China

·       Australia

·       Monaco

Let’s look at these gambling markets in detail.

United States

The United States is, without a doubt, a leading gambling destination globally in regards to popularity and overall market revenues. Some of its states, like Nevada and New Jersey, are known to be global entertainment hubs and a top destination for gamblers worldwide.

Noteworthy, Nevada’s capital is the base of operations for numerous globally renowned casinos and gambling companies besides being an essential hub of entertainment. A report by New York Times recognized Las Vegas as American gambling capital.

The availability of top-class resorts, natural phenomena, sport activities, countless annual shows, and numerous casinos have revolutionized the U.S to a major destination for both tourists and gamblers.

With the legalization of both online and physical casinos, this country’s gambling sector has exponentially grown. If you’re in search of where to exercise your gambling fantasy during your next holiday, you can take the U.S for top consideration.


The Asian country of the Philippines is interestingly appealing, having much to offer than many individuals would think. Considering the spectacular sceneries, a tranquil nightlife, entertainment hubs such as casinos and resorts, it is no surprise that the Philippines is ranked among the top countries with a flourishing tourism sector.

Additionally, it is a major shopping destination, and this is a factor that has also fostered the progressive growth of the gambling sector in the country. Though it hasn’t always been a top destination for gamblers internationally, Philippines’ gambling space is progressively growing as new casinos are launched across the country. You can also enjoy a relaxing cruise sail after several games.

According to OnlineCasinoGems, plans are underway for opening a new cruise harbor in the proximity of a major casino in the country.

United Kingdom

Europe being the bedrock of soccer among other sports, is also a major global destination for gamblers. The UK is one of the countries with the highest tourist influx in the world and therefore has a well-established hospitality and tourism sector.

Noteworthy, it is home to some of the biggest companies running popular betting sites and online casinos. London presents gamblers with over 20 casinos located in different resorts, clubs, and hotels.

The gambling sector is a major contributor to the country’s economy. In these casinos, there are diverse games offered, ranging from table games to virtual ones.


When we zoom into the Asian gambling market, Singapore is a rising giant not only in the region but also globally. The country is a major vacation destination, having a remarkably lively nightlife and a selection of top-class hotels.

Though there are no many casinos here, the several that are based in this country have huge turnovers, therefore, making the gambling industry a significant contributor to the country’s GDP.

According to a post by Forbes, the gambling sector in Singapore bagged $5.9 billion GGR in the year 2019. If you’re out for a great gambling experience and some cool expeditions, Singapore is worth a try.


When it comes to gambling options, China never disappoints, the Macau region to be specific. It is the largest gambling hub in the Asian continent, putting into consideration that the gambling sector influences half of its economic status. According to a documentary by BBC News, Macau is overtaking Las Vegas to become the world’s gambling capital.

For gamblers with a taste for adventure, Macau pairs as a magnificent tourist attraction and a home to over 30 casinos. Worth mentioning, some of the world’s largest casinos are located in this peninsula.

Not confident in your Chinese language competency? No worries as English is commonly spoken throughout this region and therefore international visitors never have troubles in regards to the language barrier.


Though it might not be overly expressed across all members of the public in this country, Australia has a somewhat deep gambling culture. This location has so much to offer as it features a broad mix of modern casinos, which provide a variety of games.

The Australian gambling sect continues to grow year after year as new investors come in, and as the customer base continues to enlarge year in year out.

Most casinos are found in resorts located in different cities across the country. Noteworthy, Australians are friendly people, more so to foreigners, and therefore one can expect an adventurous time there.


Other than being the most densely populated nation across the globe, Monaco is also known for its very established gambling sector. Monte Carlo is a major administrative region in Monaco and the home to several top casinos in the European continent.

Neighboring the Mediterranean, you can be playing your favorite slot game one minute and be enjoying a breathtaking view of the sea the next moment. Regardless of a person’s game preference, the casinos here offer players a wide range of options including roulette, blackjack, virtual games among others.

Which Is Your Favorite Gambling Destination?

If you’re looking forward to having a good time playing your most loved casino games during your next vacation, you should consider any of the listed countries.

The reasons for this are the availability of quality accommodation, several attractions and sporting facilities, and the opportunity to experience and learn the culture. Considering all seven offers, which is your preferred gambling destination?

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