A Career In Economics: Why Is Any Time A Good Time To Start?

Career In Economics

When faced with a career choice, economics is one that is not on the top of everyone’s list. But with several benefits that come along with is such as transferable skills, this is one that can be picked up at any time. In this article, we will be looking into why any time is a great time to start your career in economics, as well as look at what this career path can offer you.

There Are A Number Of Avenues On Offer 

When looking into a future of economics, it is important to note that there is a wide array of career paths that you can take. Whether it is a career in teaching, banking or journalism an economics career can open doors into several other career paths. Therefore, this is by far one of the most useful careers you can venture into. Below, we have compiled a list of some of the careers that you can get into when studying economics:

  • External Auditing
  • Investment Analysts
  • Stockbroker
  • Economist
  • Finance Accountancy
  • Statistician
  • Actuarial Analyst

Each of these careers requires a vast amount of analytical knowledge as well as the skills to notice anomalies as well as other key differences in data. This is a transferable skill that can be used in many businesses as well as in everyday life. Whether it is through managing your finances or helping others, economics in all its forms can be a helpful career to venture into.

Data Is Always Changing 

In addition to this, those that become a data analyst of some kind will experience an ever-changing experience. With new technologies as well as numerous ways of storing and processing data, economics can aid in the navigation of new technology as well as the adequate collection of data. Whether this is for the public sector or a private company such as a stock brokerage, you can begin to make changes in some industries with newfound skills. This is a huge benefit to several corporations both big and small as data will need to be interpreted for several reasons.

New And Emerging Financial Technology 

New and emerging financial technologies are also everchanging in numerous industries. This is great however for those that are undergoing a career in economics as data and other financial elements will need to be processed. This is highly beneficial for those that are aware of economics and the processing of data as new and emerging financial technologies such as cryptocurrency as it begins to change attitudes in business as well as behaviours to online banking and the management of finances in the digital era. Whether you are looking into it at this time, or you are beginning your career in economics now is the perfect time as these changing times pave the way for data analysts and other industry experts.

A Job In the Public Sector

For those that are looking for a job in the public sector, economics can benefit you greatly. Whether this is in the government or local councils’ economics can help you to branch into a number of careers in the public sector. This allows you to help people as well as monitor the growth of government projects. This is a fulfilling job that comes from economics and can see you making a change not only in the community nationally.

Economics And Banking 

This is one of the most popular choices for those economic students looking to use their transferable skills. Not only can it enable them to use skills such as this regularly, but it also allows for a high wage from the get-go. Whether you go for a career as a financial consultant and accountant or an economic researcher, these are just some of the job roles that are available for you to choose from. This is set to shape the future of banking for not only individuals but also businesses looking for top quality financial advice.

Teaching And Economics 

In addition, teaching is another option that many with a career in economics lean towards. With the transferable skills of analysing data and time management, this lends itself well to teaching subjects such as business and economics. This is open of the most fulfilling careers to have and can see the transferable skills put to good use. In addition, this will help to spread the knowledge of economics to a new wave of people. This is needed to spread awareness on the subject and to encourage people to analyse data and other elements.

Whether you are considering a future in economics or you are just graduating from your degree at university, there are numerous reasons why economics is an ideal career for you. Will you be starting in your career in economics during 2020?

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