Top Cashback Websites Reviewed: How To Earn Money From Them

Top cashback sites

At first, you might be wondering why people are going gaga over cashback and coupons. Of course, you get that these give them a few savings here and there, but you’re not sure if they are worth all the hassle.

But having given them some try, you realize that they are, in fact, a real deal. While proving that they are legit is one thing, finding top cashback websites is another that you might find challenging. To make life easier for you, please find below the best cashback websites to date, in no particular order.


For seasoned ‘cashbackers,’ Rakuten has been a staple for online and in-store shopping. Formerly known as Ebates, it has been considered as one of the best cashback websites out there.

Rakuten offers both cashback and rewards when you shop at their 2500+ partner retailers. If you’re looking for a deal that rewards immediately after signing up, this is the right place. They even give you $10 just for joining!

Some of the different ways you can earn from Rakuten are the Double Cash-Back Stores, In-Store Cash Back Offers, Hot Deals for That Day, Featured Daily Deals, and Top Picks.


If you are the type who loves to purchase the cheapest stuff, Ibotta is the right online shopping website for you. But of course, it can be used in all other brands and around 350+ stores accept Ibotta (review here).

Whenever you go to the grocery store and buy your basic household needs, you collect minimal rebates for each item. Imagine how much rebates you can earn if you shop up to twice a week.

The good thing is that you can scroll through their website to find various deals that you may be interested in without the need to sign up just yet. However, by signing up, you will automatically earn $10. Earning through team rebates is also possible, which is extra cool.


Drop is another app that has free loyalty rewards that are available in the US and Canada. This is perhaps the most straightforward way of earning rewards from regular purchases.

One advantage of this website’s app is that you don’t need to scan a receipt nor bring a grocery list like for other websites. You immediately earn points for all your purchases whenever you shop at any of Drop’s retail partners.

Perhaps Drop’s best feature is its ability to be linked to your credit or debit card, which makes passive earning possible. You can also earn a bonus of 5,000 points by referring others to sign up, which is the perfect way of getting rewards without the need to shop and spend.


Swagbucks is another website where you can earn rewards without the need to do anything out of the ordinary – not even shopping. That’s because, besides the usual shopping where all these websites in this list are all about, you can take surveys, surf the web, open emails, watch videos, make referrals, and many more with it.

Swagbucks works, as mentioned, by doing regular tasks wherein you earn points. A point or a swagbuck corresponds to one cent. In terms of shopping, you’ll be glad to know that there are over 1500 merchants support Swagbucks (review here).

Another advantage of Swagbucks is that its minimum threshold in order for you to cash out is just $25, unlike other websites where it is $50.


TopCashBack is very popular among shoppers as it doesn’t retain any part of the commission that it earns from its partner retailers. This means that you get the biggest chance to earn more using this website.

Despite being an American company, Canadians who love shop on US websites and platforms will truly enjoy using TopCashBack. This is especially so since it features a lot of Canadian-based stores.

What’s more is that, when other cashback websites only allow you to cash out when you earn a certain amount, you can do it with TopCashBack anytime, regardless of your cumulative points earned.

Fetch Rewards

Besides being a cashback website, Fetch Rewards is also known as a receipt-scanning application. When you sign up using a referral link from anyone you know, you will be treated to instant rewards, which can be between $2 and $4 upon your first scanned receipt.

This is basically the reason why it has the reputation of being an app for the laid-back and lazy. You don’t have to check for deals, shop, and earn rewards. With Fetch Rewards, you shop, scan the receipt, and earn points by scanning up to 14 receipts per week.

No need to chase specific stores or brands as any receipt will do. You also get to be paid instantly when you click the redeem button.  

Parting Words

Cashback deals are a nice addition to your money-saving ideas. It’s also a great way to earn money from transactions that should have otherwise been completed without earning anything from them.

But remember, earning money through these websites and applications should never be forced; otherwise, it loses its purpose. Earning a measly figure by buying what you need is always better than earning massive amounts by significantly spending a fortune just because of the rebates. At the end of the day, always choose to spend wisely.

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