Adapting your Bathroom for your Disability

Adapting your Bathroom for your Disability

If you’re finding it harder to use your standard bathroom because of a disability then you may want to consider adapting it. More and more people are choosing bathroom adaptations in order to stay safe, comfortable and to make sure that they’re able to use the bathroom to its full potential.

There are many reasons to adapt your bathroom, but one of the most common ones is disability. When contractors build houses, they usually build them to a standard design which unfortunately doesn’t always include adaptations to make it easier for people with disabilities. This is why companies such as Adaptio are doing such great business.
Adaptio know that people who have a physical disability can face many challenges in life but they don’t think that using their bathroom should be one of them.

With bathroom adaptations, people with physical disabilities can retain their independence at home. This is so important because it means that an everyday task such as going to the toilet or bathing doesn’t need to become a chore or something that people need help with. This is so important in helping people to retain their independence and making life that little bit easier.

There are many bathroom adaptations which can be put in place, depending on your needs and your budget. Walk in showers and wet rooms are the most popular options because they are easy to access and can look really nice. There are also walk in baths, which are really convenient and come in a range of styles to suit your bathroom. There are also handrails which can be put wherever they’re needed – such a small and simple addition but so important. Fold downs seats are also a popular addition, and bath seats which can help you lower into the bath and get back out. There are so many different things available that you are sure to find something which will help you use your bathroom to its full potential.

Unfortunately, a lot of the time people will need these adaptations due to unforeseen circumstances such as an accident or injury. This is where Adaptio is so great because they aim to respond and install your choice of adaptations in no time at all. This means that you won’t have to wait around for ages before you can use your bathroom with comfort and ease. Adaptio are also incredibly professional, and understand that sometimes asking for help can be hard. Many people don’t like to admit that they need help in their day to day life, which is why Adaptio aim to handle every adaptation with sensitivity and care, while remaining professional.

If you foresee any other mobility or physical issues as you age, then Adaptio can help you plan your future needs and help you make a plan to adapt your bathroom at different stages of your life. This can take the stress off of what will happen in the future and allow you to enjoy the now. Every person that visits your home is a trained specialist and not a salesman so you know that they’re not just trying to sell you something – they’re recommending what they genuinely think will be best for you.

With over 25 years’ experience in this field, you can rely on Adaptio to help you with all your bathroom adaptation needs. They will handle all your needs with professionalism and care and make sure that you’re not left needing something that you weren’t offered.

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