Advanced Power Tool Technology Now Offers More for Your Money

Advanced Power Tool Technology

Recent advancements in technology have seen a lot of positive changes for many useful products, including power tools. While prices for new tools may have slowly increased, considering the rapid rate their technology has grown they can offer great value for money. For anyone in need of a new power tool, there are some important technology elements to look out for that can really demonstrate great value for money.  

Smart Technology Application

A lot of the technology features found in your phone are now moving across to be included in a wide range of power tools. One of the most exciting and newly emerging features is the ability to sync up a lot of power tools with phone apps. These allow everything from monitoring the state of a tool’s battery remotely to using pre-determined and customisable settings designed for specific applications, through the app and a chip embedded in the tool. On the construction site this can improve efficiency and quickly set up power tools for various uses. 

Gas Powered Air Compressor Developments

The power of gas air compressors has increased in the past few years, while the air compressors themselves have grown in range. There are various tank sizes available at SGS Engineering, with the actual shape becoming more portable  and easier to handle. Future developments for air compressors are to make them more energy efficient without increasing the costs of production. It could be through adapting existing air compressors or creating new lines.  

Improved Charging and Batteries

One of the main ways power tools have improved is through longer battery life and charging technology. Lithium-ion batteries have proven revolutionary by letting them be used away from power sources for much longer, without the prices being raised too much. Inductive, contactless charging is another new development that means you don’t need to take out batteries to charge them. Plus, with no exposed contact points there’s less chance of dirt affecting the charger.  

The Internet of Things’ Influence

As has been mentioned with smartphones connecting to power tools, the Internet of Things (IoT) is already having an impact on power tools. Most of these connect a power tool to an app, either on your smartphone, tablet or desktop, so their location and status can be tracked. This is a useful safety feature as well as helping users monitor the battery charge and usage data for each one. 

Power tool technology has advanced greatly and continues to do so, forming more efficient tools that can be long-lasting and offer great value.  

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