Advice for People Wanting to Set Up an eBay Account

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Advice for People Wanting to Set Up an eBay Account

Setting up an eBay account is a great way to make extra money by getting rid of lots of old things that you no longer need. There’s someone out there who is willing to pay good money for the things you no longer want and it’s also a great way for businesses to sell more of their products too. Here’s a guide for people who’re wanting to set up an eBay account to help you to get the most out of it:

Write an Effective Product Description 

One of the key ways to ensure your eBay account is a success is to put effort into how you list your items. Give detailed descriptions of the material, condition and fit of clothes and don’t be afraid to give reasons why you’re selling things such as ‘no longer fits me’. This is especially important when completing your listing as it helps to give potential buyers confidence in your items and trust you more as a seller.

Photograph Well

The pictures of your images are the main way that you can best showcase your items so be sure to take them using a high quality camera. Zoom in on specific features which really sell the item and don’t forget to do front and back if it’s clothing. Sometimes items like a pair of shoes can look much better on a foot rather than just on the floor, so put up a variety of images so people know exactly what they’re getting to prevent any

Send Parcels Out on Time and in Good Condition

As eBay works on a feedback system, any negative feedback from a sale other potential buyers will be able to see and it may prevent them from shopping with you again, so making sure that all your parcels arrive on time and in great condition is vital. A good way to manage this when selling a lot is to use a courier service like the one from TNT Direct, who can guarantee you on time deliveries in perfect condition. This takes away the stress of you having to keep nipping to the post office to send them out.


One of the best things you can do to help ensure that customers are happy with their purchases is to package them well. A well wrapped package is always well received and a good way to guarantee good feedback on your account. Putting effort into the packaging also ensures your parcel arrives in better condition.


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