Alternative Ways To Invest In Stocks (That Don’t Require You To Be A Stock Market Expert)

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There are lots of alternative ways to invest in the stock market. Some are certainly more complex than others and may require a financial degree to get your head around, however others are relatively simple. Not only that – you don’t need much money to try out these investments. Here are just a few unique ways to make money out of stocks.

Use a robo-advisor

Many people hire a stockbroker to identify the best places to invest, however stockbrokers won’t always guarantee you the best deal – many will choose stock based on the commission that they get from the exchange. Fortunately, there are now robo-advisors that can offer unbiased advice on investing based on hard facts and figures. These are essentially pieces of software that monitor all the stock prices out there to find you the best deal for your needs. It takes all the confusion out of shopping for stocks whilst not having to rely on a commission-hungry broker. That said, most of these programmes aren’t free and charge a small fee for using them. Others are free, but require a minimum account balance. Comparison guides can help you to find the best robo-advisor for you.

Try micro-investing apps

Micro-investing apps are great for anyone regardless of your budget. They save up your spare change in a savings account and then use this to make small investments in available stocks. These apps recommend the best places to invest and you get to choose whether or not to invest in them. They’re essentially robo-advisors on your phone that also encourage you to save up money to invest with.

Try spread betting

Spread betting isn’t so much a form of investment but rather a form of gambling based on how much you predict a stock will rise or fall. Spread betting in the UK is becoming more popular and there are software programmes out there that can help you get into the swing of it. Such programmes can weigh up the risk of whether a stock is likely to rise or fall. You can do spread betting with commodities like gold and oil and foreign currencies.

Join an investment club

Investment clubs allow you to put money in each week into a pot. This money is invested with and the profits are then shared out amongst everyone. By teaming together, investment clubs are able to take advantage of stocks with high minimum investments that might otherwise be too expensive to invest in alone. This is only one form of crowdfunding and there are all kinds of other groups such as mutual funds groups and real estate investment clubs for investing in property. Some investment clubs may be aimed primarily at the rich and may require high weekly contributions, however others may only require a small contribution each week.

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