Avoiding hazards in your work place

Avoiding hazards in your work place

When people tend to think of their work place they tend to think of somewhere that is safe for them to work each day. It doesn’t matter if you are self employed and working from your home office or work a regular 9-5 job in a plush city centre office block, accidents and hazards are not really something that comes to the forefront when thinking about your work environment.

I’ve personally worked in the public sector for over 10 years and have had more ‘safety in the work place’ training sessions than I can shake a stick at but self employed people aren’t always so ‘lucky’

A lot of people that read this post will solely work from home and may think that there is less chance of an accident happening to them. For instance did you know that a great number of accidents happen due to faulty chairs or even by having cutlery around your desk. I know myself if I’ve eaten lunch at my desk I tend to end up with a fork next to my workstation for the afternoon but have never considered how odd that is and how safe it would be to have knifes and forks layout around the rest of the house!

The guys over Accident Advice Helpline have created this nifty infographic that shows just how important office safety can be and the dangers that can await you in an unsafe environment so next time you are at work no matter what the location take a good look around your environment and make sure everything is as safe as it could possibly be.


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