Best Freelance Platforms to Grow Your Business

Grow Your Business

The only way to make a small business successful is by finding the right team members. Choosing the right type of employee is more challenging than most new business owners realize. In the past few years, more and more businesses have started to use remote workers to fill their openings. Over 4 million Americans work from home half the time.

If you are a business owner and want to embrace the power and convenience of remote workers, then you need to use the platforms and technology at your disposal. The following are some of the platforms you can use when trying to find the right remote workers.

Fiverr is a Very Popular Freelancer Platform

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few years, you are familiar with the Fiverr platform. Each of the freelancers on this platform is willing to perform jobs at the cost of five dollars or increments of five. One of the biggest benefits that come with using Fiverr is that it allows you to fill a temporary need. Fiverr is dedicated to helping both business owners and freelancers with micro-jobs.

One of the main things you will notice about the Fiverr platform is that there is a lot of great talent. When using freelance workers, you will need to devise a system of receiving and issuing payments. Tools like are designed to provide business owners with the payment flexibility and versatility they need. Being able to send and receive payments in a hurry is the only way to keep your business growing and prosperous.

Find Industry Experts With the Help of Guru

Many of the freelance platforms you find online are open to all workers. However, there are a few platforms that focus on attracting a variety of experts from different industries. If your remote worker needs are more specific, then using a platform like Guru is a fantastic idea. This platform caters primarily to U.S.-based freelancers.

This website has been around since 2001 and has only grown in popularity with each passing year. Instead of just settling for a worker that may or may not be able to handle the scope of the work you need, seek out expert help on Guru.

Toptal Can Help You Find Top Talent

Before you start your search for remote employees, you need to figure out what qualifications they should have. If you work in the finance or software development industry, finding qualified and capable remote employees can be difficult. If you are looking for top-notch freelancers to fill specific roles in these industries, the first place you need to look at Toptal.

The vetting process for this platform is more in-depth and comprehensive. This means you can hire individuals from Guru without having to worry about their reputations or capabilities. Once you get a taste of the great talent on Toptal, it will be hard to use any other freelance worker platform. If you need more details about growing your business, you can find more relevant information at

Embrace the Power of iFreelance

Perhaps the most innovative freelancer website on this list is iFreelance. This platform allows business owners to post job openings for free. However, the freelance workers on this platform have to pay a monthly fee. For this fee, freelancers are allowed to keep all of their earnings from the jobs they accept and complete. This platform also has a wide range of freelancers, which means that business owners from a number of industries can find the manpower they need.

Don’t Let the Remote Worker Revolution Pass You By

Instead of relying solely on employees in your local area, you need to consider the benefits of remote workers. By using the platforms mentioned in this article, you can find the freelancers you need. 

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