Change your mindset and BOOST YOUR INCOME!

Change your mindset and BOOST YOUR INCOME!


Do you ever read about how much people earn online and think ‘Why aren’t I earning that much?’ Unless they are just posting the usual batch of rubbish about how they are earning £3000 a month selling makeup and to EMAIL THEM NOW to find out the chances are that the reason they are earning more from home each month is the simple fact that they are doing higher paying work than you and have found a way to boost their income.

If all you do each day is low paying opportunities like Surveys or Clicksites that take up a lot of your time and pay very little you are going to find working from home very disheartening.

Making money online is never easy, if it was then everyone would be doing it and it certainly isn’t suitable for everyone. One person might be doing great at a certain thing whereas someone else hasn’t got a clue how they do it. A lot of people just continue to do the exact same thing for fear of the unknown and the thought that they might fail but leaving your comfort zone can sometimes be just what you need to give those earnings a little kick start.

Doing surveys is almost always the starting point for someone who wants to earn money online, when you google “earn money online” it is one of the first things people come across. They’re easy too “click click click” and you’re done, yes it might be a few pence here or there but there is no thinking involved (other than trying to remember your age) so it feels like easy money. It doesn’t take long before you’re bored to death and eager to earn more but what do you do? Everything sounds so daunting – web search evaluator, matched betting, mystery shopper, direct sales. All of these require more work, more effort but they are more rewarding.

Sometimes you have to take a step back and really look at what it is that is holding you back. If you don’t understand what the opportunity is then ask, the community on The Money Shed know that there are no stupid questions and will answer any query you have. If it is the fear of trying something different then you just need to do it – talk to others who are also doing it, they’ll reassure you. If it is purely because there is more work involved than “click click click” then you obviously don’t want it enough.

Yes, survey sites are easy and over time you can eventually build up a decent pay out but why put all that effort into something that, when you look at the big picture, is earning you a pitiful amount. Compared to something like matched betting or web search evaluation that could be earning you more in less time.

It’s easy to become stagnant, it’s easy to stay in that routine and it’s easy not to initiate change – but the best things in life are never easy. Get out of that comfort zone, take a risk because if you don’t then you’re just going to be left trailing behind with your Swagbucks and 10p surveys.

What are you going to do today that is out of your comfort zone?

What do you think?

Written by themoneyshed

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