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For a lot of Self Employed people making that jump from working at your ‘home office’ to what would I suppose be called a ‘proper office’ is quite a leap.

It’s the time where you are going ALL IN as they say in Casinos and fully committing to your self made business.

It doesn’t matter if you are going it alone or if you have a few staff you are going to be starting with trying to find the right office space that is going to fit all your needs can be quite the treasure hunt.

Finding the right location, the right facilities, the right sized meeting rooms and the right transport links is like trying to put a puzzle together. More often then not compromise needs to take place at some point on the journey and more often than not it needs to  happen because of price as the last thing you want when you move out is rent that you just can’t afford in the long run.

It can be quite daunting when looking at fully services offices knowing who to go with. If you are based down in London then companies like BE Offices offer a lot of different and versatile solutions for your required office space and if you are up North then companies such as Regus offer some excellent solutions or maybe you want an office that looks amazing from the outside with the sort of balconies that BALUSTRADE make.

It’s important to be make sure you are follow aware of the commitment and terms you might be taking on. I feel it’s always a good idea to book a tour or two with the same office company so that you can then compare what prices and features per office are available.

Another huge piece of the puzzle to consider is parking. If you are going to be wanting to dash around town for various meetings or even if you are wanting to invoice clients over to your new offices having parking available is very important. It generally comes at a premium but I feel it is one worth paying if it has the ability for you to bring in extra business in the long run.

One friend rented a serviced office which came with a parking space and actually ended up lending it out to other companies in the block at a cost per month so if you are in the luxurious position to have too many car parking spaces then there may be a way those spaces could bring you in a bit of extra cash!

So make sure you think long and hard about which office space is going to be right for you before jumping in and making the wrong decision.

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