How to host a blogger event

How to host a blogger event

Once you have been part of the blogging family for long enough you will catch wind that quite a lot of meet ups go on. If you don’t know these tend to be gatherings of bloggers within their own niche where they can all meet up together and network with each other. Sometimes they take the shape of awards ceremony for their niche and other times they run as part of a blogging conference where you can learn more tips and tricks of the trade that might be relevant to you.

If you are the one running the event then venue hire can be key to having a successful meet up! People seem to use all sorts of companies when it comes to hiring their venue from One Events in London to Function Fixers in the North. There tends to be at least a few blogging events happening all over the country so make sure you have a good look around at all the different companies out there offering venue hire.

Food and drink is equally an important thing to consider. Keeping your guests happy should be the main stay of any party that you run and if your blogging event includes some kind of awards show then it’s good to let people have access to a bit of liquid refreshment.

Once you’ve sorted out your venue and any requirements getting the tickets sold should be the next thing on your list. A website a lot of people seem to use is Eventbrite that allows you to create an entire event and basically sorts out the entire back office end of selling tickets for you. You just simply direct your bloggers to the ‘Buy Now’ page and you will be able to keep track of how many tickets are being sold and to whom.

One question that often comes up is if you should charge or not. Venue hire and entertainment always comes at a cost and sometimes that cost can be swallowed up by bringing on companies to help sponsor the event and sometimes it can’t and you need to charge for entry and hopefully turn a profit. If you do decide to make people pay to attend your event it’s important to try and get that balancing act right. I remember one blogger the first year of their event ran it with free entry and the 2nd year they charged and struggled to sell tickets.

So if you think running a blogging event is for you why not give it a go!


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