How to take care of your double glazing!

double glazing

It wasn’t until we bought our own home 10 years ago that we really appreciated the value and warmth that double glazing in the house brings you!

Those that follow me on social media will know I’ve just had a conservatory built which is chocked full of double glazing. We hit the issue of condensation quite early on (It’s quite common in conservatories during the colder months!) however after finding out about the importance of having good ventilation and putting the smaller windows on the vent setting condensation has been a thing of the past!

Windows are such a huge part of your house as we actually have triple glazing on ours because we live right under a flight path by an airport so we really need them for keeping the noise of the aircrafts out of ours house especially in the Summer where a plane seems to go overhead every 30 minutes!

I remember my Grandparents house just had single glazing and I was forever cold whenever I went round there to visit them or stay. For those of you that don’t know there are some MAJOR advantages to having double glazing such as

  • It does a better job of keeping noise out!
  • It keeps warm air in so your house is generally better insulated saving you money
  • It’s better from a security point of view as it’s harder to break double glazing

Once you get that double glazing all fitted the last thing you want to do is have to pay to repair your double glazing should anything go wrong with it so make sure you follow these top tips to keep your double glazing healthy and happy!

  • Make sure you use the right cleaning technique for your windows! Also try and be as gentle as you can when it comes to the cleaning  you do on them so as not to make any marks or cause any damage.
  • Make sure you keep on top of the cleanliness of the windows. The last thing you want is a build up of dirt that can cause discolouration on the window to occur.
  • Keep an eye on damp! Make sure that the room the windows are in can breath properly and when you see it building up take a cloth to it and wipe it off straight away. If you are going out for a while and the room seems to be quite susceptible to damp then put some of the windows on vent to allow the windows to get some much needed air.
  • Make sure you use the right products when it comes to cleaning the double glazing. Warm water and Fairy Liquid is generally considered to be enough for washing them. Products that need to be avoided are the likes of bleach, nail varnish remover, WD40, methylated spirited and white spirits.

So make sure if you have got double glazing that you take care of them just as you would any other part of your house!

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