Don’t waste your money when it comes to deep cleaning your carpet

cleaning your carpets

Cleaning is never fun is it? Deep cleaning your carpet is even less so! I would say it’s probably the least enjoyable task when it comes to living in a home.

For most of us we just like to get it done as quick as possible and for many of us that will just mean a quick once over when it comes to our carpets. But what do you do when that isn’t enough?

Anyone who owns a dog will tell you the dread that comes every winter when they come in from the garden from the muddy grass and just run all around the house leaving marks everywhere on the carpet and driving you mad.

From using something like RugDoctor through to private carpet cleaning companies such as ProLux Cleaning there are fair few options out there no matter what your price point in for getting the work done but why should you think about giving your carpets a deep clean every once and a while?

What’s the point in a deep clean?

Running a vacuum cleaner over the carpet is fine but all that does is pickup any dust and dirt on the carpet. Deep Cleaning aims to was the actual carpet fibres and remove any dirt that is hidden deep down inside the carpet.

How often should you deep clean the carpets?

Ideally, you want to be deep cleaning your carpet at least a year if you just have adults in the house. If you’ve got a property full of kids and pets then you should look to do it every 3-4 months as this will help keep the carpets in the best shape possible.

Deep cleaning isn’t the same as Steam Cleaning!

A lot of people seem to get this mixed up! Steam cleaners are typically for hard surfaces and (as the name says) produces steam which helps loosen stuck on dirt and grime on the floor for easy removal.

Deep Cleaning is what you do with carpets to help keep them in peak condition so they a few years don’t the line they don’t look incredibly faded and you have to spend a fair chunk of money replacing them.

How heard is deep cleaning carpets if you decide to do it yourself?

It’s actually not that tricky. Once you get a carpet cleaner in it’s just a case of setting to work with it and then as soon as the dirty water reaches the ‘full’ line you would then empty the tank into your sink, re-attach and away you go. Doing the physical deep cleaning of the carpet is no harder than using the vacuum. I would say the only tricky bit is having to decide what extra attachments and chemicals you might need but then that is why some people choose to just get a private company in to do the carpets because by the time you’ve added the extras on to services like RugDoctor it can end up costing more than if you got the experts in to do it all for you.

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