Cleo, Your Personal Finance Advisor

Cleo, Your Personal Finance Advisor

Some days it really feels like we’re living in a sci-fi movie. You can walk into your house and tell it to play music, to turn the heating on and even order you a takeaway. You get in your car and it greets you by name, it tells you which route to drive and updates you on traffic news. You can even walk into McDonalds and order your meal on a screen, then get it delivered to your seat. So it’s no surprise that we now have a service to help with our daily banking.


Cleo, Your Personal Finance Advisor

Cleo is a very clever service that keeps an eye on your finances for you so you can have more free time to enjoy the fun things in life. Cleo will evaluate your spending habits and where your money goes, then give you advice on how to spend less and where you can save.

Cleo can tell you how much you have left in your account, give you warnings when you’re nearing your overdraft limit and even let you know your wages have hit your account. On top of that it can look at where you can save money on your bills as will as tell you if a subscription, such as Amazon Prime, has been worth it to you.

Take a look at this video below to see just how well Cleo works!


Cleo, Your Financial Friend

The whole idea behind Cleo is that there is no formal banking nonsense. No having to log in to your online banking or popping to the cash machine to check your balance. You can “chat” to Cleo via Facebook to find out everything you need.

Cleo understands 10,000 questions so more than just “What’s my balance”. You can ask how much you’ve spent in a specific place like Costa, if you can afford to go to the pub with your friends and how your budget is looking.


Cleo, Your Banking Future

With a whopping $700k in investment from companies such as Skype, Zoopla and LoveFilm, Cleo is garnering a lot of interest. With this boom in popularity, she is looking at becoming the favoured banking platform – especially with the younger generations who like everything NOW!

Cleo, A Safe Choice

In a time where anyone, no matter how computer savvy they are, can have their accounts hacked and money spent it’s only sensible to worry out this service’s security. Luckily for it’s users Cleo uses industry-leading banking technologies to keep your details and money safe.

Using SaltEdge API’s read only encryption, Cleo never stores or has access to your essential banking details – these are handled by SaltEdge. Only you, the user, and Cleo’s software has access to transactions, balances and budgets – no-one else sees it.

If you’re interested in saving time on your finances then it might be worth giving Cleo a go, see how she can budget and keep track of how you are taking care of your money.


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