How to Create the Illusion of Space in Your Home

How to Create the Illusion of Space in Your Home


A light, spacious room is often what we picture when we think about our dream home, and there is no doubt that there are endless benefits to having more space to move around in.

As well as the practical benefits of allowing us to do more at home, a spacious home environment also helps us to feel less stressed and more positive. By simply changing a few things in the different rooms in your home, you can enjoy the freedom of an airy, open living space, without knocking any walls down.

If your home currently feels more like a shoebox than a palace, don’t fret – As you can easily create the illusion of space in rooms that are a bit on the small side, by following these simple steps – Helping you to transform even the most cramped up box room into an open-plan paradise.

Go Brighter

The colour scheme in your home can completely dictate how spacious it feels. While deeper, darker colours can make a room feel cosy in the winter, they also make it seem smaller because they absorb light instead of reflecting it.

And by contrast, using lighter colours will reflect light –  Giving the illusion of opening up the space, making the room seem bigger and brighter. This doesn’t mean that you have to paint every wall in your house white, as any lighter shade will still work – Including creams and a range of beautiful pastel colours, perfect to match a variety of interior decor styles.

When it comes to introducing light colours to your home, the key is to not stop at the walls. For example choosing light coloured flooring will also add to the effect of a bigger, brighter room. Of course, it is not or simple or always cheap to change your entire flooring and in these cases, just simply adding a light coloured rug will also have a similar effect.

This applies to your furniture also, choose colours that will add to the lightness of your room, rather than absorbing it. If you’re worried about everything looking too light or bland and even is you’re wishing to avoid the ‘minimalistic’ feel, you can always add splashes of bright colours with your interior decor. Using items such as bold coloured vases and ornaments can ensure you still have flashes of colour to brighten things up, where needed. And this can also help to bring together colour schemes throughout the house.

Sky’s the Limit

Ceilings are a much neglected part of many of our homes, for the simple reason that they are more difficult to reach. In this sense, having a lower ceiling might actually benefit you, as it will be easier for you to make more of a statement of it.

When you have a low ceiling, painting a pattern or adding wall art can make it into an interesting feature piece, that will draw the eye upwards, helping to make the room look bigger. This is a popular optical illusion technique that does require some effort, but is definitely worth it!

If you’re not exactly Michelangelo, you can make this job much easier by using wall art on your ceiling. It’s easy to apply and will have a stunning effect on the overall look and feel of the room. From stars and planets to flowers and even written messages, you’re bound to find something that will make your home truly unique.

However, if you do have a high ceiling the lighter the colour the better – Perfect to create a more spatial and ‘airier’ feel to the room. You may also find in some older properties the old style wooden cladding ceilings – These are a definate no no, as they will absorb all of the light and will make the room feel much smaller or cramped.

Light It Up

Of course, adding lights to a room will make it seem lighter, but it will also give the illusion of spaciousness by creating a more ambient setting. When paired with light coloured walls, additional lighting will cause light to reflect around the room, thus making it seem bigger. This can be especially effective in smaller rooms, such as bathrooms, where you really need to make the most of the space you have. Try installing small lighting fixtures, such as bathroom cabinets like these with lights, which have the added bonus of using a mirror to reflect the extra light.

It isn’t practical, or energy efficient, to have numerous lamps scattered all over your home, so choose your light fittings carefully and place them only in the areas where they are most needed. Pinpointing the darker corners of your home and lighting them up will have a dramatic effect on the overall spaciousness of each room, and will also make it an ideal place to relax.


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