Earn money from home by playing Monsta Money

Earn money from home by playing Monsta Money 6


The time has come young adventurer to set out on your next great quest. This time you will face many hardships on your journey to earn gold, mountains of gold. You will need to develop your skills and acquire many health potions as you work your way through battle after battle to become rich beyond your wildest dreams.

It’s not every day you are giving the opportunity to earn money from playing a game – not unless you’re into “let’s plays” and such over on YouTube. Well, now is your chance with Monsta Money.

Monsta Money is an online RPG (Role Playing Game) where you can convert the gold you earn into REAL CASH which is paid out at the start of each month. You develop and level your character, increasing their stats to make them stronger, tougher and able to accumulate more gold. You then go on to fight a variety of monsters on different difficulties who will give you gold and equipment if you defeat them, or nothing if you die.


Like any good RPG you need to develop your character, if you want to progress then you need to spend your attribution points wisely. As you spend them your level increases and as your level increases so does the monsters you face – which is where wise distribution is recommended. If you level purely by putting points into GoldBoost then you won’t have the strength to face the enemies.

Monsta Money

Attributes cost gold, which is the number in the white box – so here I’d need to spend another 1,220 gold to level my strength to level 12. Each attribute explains what it does so if you have never played an RPG before you can have some idea as to where you are spending your points. For the more experienced gamers you will be able to level and gear your character to a type such as tank or magic – adding points to intellect will increase damage done by magic.

Equipment and the Marketplace

As you battle enemies you will not only gain gold but also equipment. The equipment consists of helm, chest piece, leg piece, belt, boots, ring, weapon and shield. On top of this you also receive health potions, keys and gold tickets. Each piece of equipment comes with its own attributes and varying in rarity, the coloured border indicates the rarity.

All gear and weapons can be sold at the marketplace for additional gold (once you’ve sold it then it’s gone). Health potions, Safeguards, Gold Boosts, Gold Tickets and Keys can be purchased at the marketplace for game gold.

Monsta Money

Health potions – recover your health during battle.

Safeguards – heal you to 100% health when you hit 0HP (Health Points).

Gold Boosts – give you 50% extra gold dropped for the next 20 fights.

Gold Tickets – grant access to dungeons (1 time).

Gold and Silver Keys – opens a chest.

Fighting Pit

The Fighting Pit is where you will do your battles. There are four difficulties – Easy, Normal, Difficult and Heroic. Each one offers chances to drop gold, health potions and equipment with the harder modes also offering keys and gold tickets. The harder the difficulty the better the rewards but the higher the risk of death.

Each fight you will face a random enemy who’s attributes are based on the difficulty and your personal attributes.

Monsta Money

During the battle you are given four options – to Melee Attack (hit them with your weapon), to use a Magic Attack, to Use HP Potion or to Run Away. From then on it is all random number generated as to whether you hit them or they hit you, how much damage is done and how much healing is done – this is why you need to spend your points wisely otherwise you’ll just be defeated.

Monsta Money

With a victory comes gold, potions, gear and a sense of pride, go you for kicking that Fire Elemental’s rear but when you’re defeated, it really hits you – the gravestone even tells you how bad you are.

Monsta Money

Not to fear though, you can hit Fight Again and keep going. Playing the long game for this is really beneficial – winning more battles = more gold.

Making Money

This is where Monsta Money differs from your average clicking game (such as Cookie Clicker). The gold you earn is converted at the start of each month into real cash. You can choose to convert what you have or carry it over to the next month.

How much is gold worth? This is impossible to answer. The site relies on advertising to fund itself and the members get a cut of the profit based on the gold they have earned. One month your gold might be worth 1g = 1p the next it could be 1g = £1.

You can also earn money from referring your friends. You get 10% of the total gold they spend in the game, this is logged separately so you don’t accidentally spend it all – this is guaranteed money for you each month

Monsta Money


Other things to note

At the time of writing this post, the website was only in Beta testing – certain parts of the site haven’t been added yet such as the keys and gold tokens but the admin is working hard on getting as much content added ready for their 1st June launch.

There is also a chat box for a bit of friendly banter with fellow adventurers as well as the admin who you can throw any questions to.


Head over to Monsta Money’s Facebook Page where they are running a creative competition.  Design your own monster and send them a PNG file (and even name your monster if you wish. The winner will win 2500 in game gold with runners up winning themselves 500 gold each.

All monster designs must be your own (and not stolen from the internet), further terms and conditions can be found on the Monsta Money website.

Now go! Slay many beasts, save many damsels and reap the rewards of becoming a hero of Monsta Money.

What do you think?

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