Easy home improvements on a budget

home improvements on a budget

Everyone is always so keen to own a house these days that they don’t tend to think about the the cost of the upkeep.

I remember when we moved into our current place and within the first 30 days we had to replace the toilet, a step on the stairs and the entire garage door!

Outside of emergency repairs, what are some of the easiest ones you can do which can really add value to your house and make it feel more like a home?

Refresh your house with a lick of paint

Last summer we spend a few hundred pounds paying some decorators to repaint most of our house and while it might have been a nightmare moving everything from room to room as they progressed it’s amazing how different it has made the inside of the house look.

Often when you buy a new house you are stuck with someone else’s taste from the engineered wood flooring and fittings through to the paintwork but with quite minimul cost you can easily make wholesale changes quite easily to the interior.

Give your kitchen cabinets a new look

When people think about making their kitchen look better they often worry about the price of doing it but there is actually a really cheap way to giving one of the rooms you no doubt spend the most time in a brand new look. By simply sanding down and repainting the cabinet doors it’s amazing how different your kitchen can look. This is an extremely cheap way making an old and tired kitchen feel brand new again.

Replace the doorhandles

This is often a forgotten gem of an idea when it comes to budget level changes you can make on your house and can change the look of near enough every room. New door handles can be bought from your local Homebase or B&Q for around £10 each and are very easy to fit. These are actually a part of the house that always get used so it’s good to replace them every now and again and give your door a new lease of life!

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