How Sustainable is Your Jewellery?


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Climate change and sustainability is at the top of everyone’s agenda at the moment and for rightful reasons: we have to do something now to help our planet survive in the longer term. The younger generations – Generation Z, as they are now known, are the key demographic, with activists such as Greta Thunberg leading the way. However, they are also the ones that can be the hardest to target, especially with fast fashion being so easily accessible now. How do we make it so that they can be bang on trend, especially when it comes to their jewellery choices, and sustainable at the same time?

Thankfully, ‘thrifting’ seems to be becoming more popular, with people realising that items made in the past are not better made but are also pretty cool. Antique jewellery, from Carus Jewellery, make an excellent gift, particularly for ‘big’ celebrations such as 18th or 21st birthdays. Imagine how special it would be to own a ring or a pair of earrings harking back to the Victorian or Edwardian times?

Aside from buying a piece of antique jewellery, how else can you make sure that the jewellery that you wear is sustainable?

Choose some key pieces

There are three ‘r’s when it comes to thinking environmentally friendly – reduce, reuse, recycle. Now, obviously, the reduce one is not so relevant here as you are looking to buy a piece of jewellery, you. However, what we can say is that instead of buying multiple pieces of cheaper, perhaps unethically or unsustainable jewellery, opt for an investment piece. Choose something like an 18ct gold ruby and diamond Edwardian ring, which will never go out of fashion. Wear less but wear better.

Buy second hand

This is covering the ‘reuse’ point – and we have touched on that above with opting to choose for antique jewellery, which, as well as being a good choice for the environment also means that you will end up with a piece of jewellery that is pretty unique and has years of history and stories behind it. Imagine wearing something that was made and worn over one hundred years ago? You could get lost in a world of thinking who might have worn it, what the piece was witness to. It really is a fun way to do your bit for the world

Choose jewellery made from recycled materials

Did you know that you can buy, or even make, jewellery from recycled materials? Some independent jewellery makers can turn anything into a piece of fantastic and unique jewellery – think recycled tins and cans, old silver spoons and forks twisted into fabulous bangles and chunks of china plates embedded into pendants. If you are particularly crafty yourself, why not see what you can create from your recycling bin. One thing is for sure – no one else will be wearing the same as you!

Ethical sourcing

If you do decide to buy brand new, think carefully about where you are purchasing your pieces from. Do your research into the manufacturer – check that that they are using stones and metals that are conflict free, they encourage good working conditions, pay a fair wage to workers and have a transparent supply chain.

Look at buying jewellery as an investment. Choosing pre-owned or antique pieces and give them a whole new lease of life, choose less but better and recycle and repurpose where possible. You can rock an amazing piece of jewellery while knowing you have done your bit for the planet. 

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