Education Alternatives to University

Education Alternatives to University

There’s a lot of pressure on new high school graduates to attend university. 100 years ago, it was an honour to attend a university, and something that not many people did. But now, we’re in a time when it has become expected of us.


But what if that isn’t the route you want to take? Maybe you don’t need a degree in order to do well in the career you’ve picked out for yourself. Maybe you think a degree won’t help you. Whatever your reasons for not wanting to attend university, there are loads of other alternatives for you to consider.


Degree Apprenticeships


Maybe you want to work full time and still get a degree. This is possible with degree apprenticeships. It means you’ll be working four days a week, and attending university one day. You’ll come out with no debt, lots of work experience, but also an Honours degree to go with it.


This type of education is ideal for those who need hands on experience, such as an engineer. It will provide both the experience in the workplace, and the classroom learning you need.


Continued Learning

Perhaps you left high school but want to further your education in a specific sector. There are plenty of reputable courses you can buy online depending on what you want to study.


Kaplan, for example, specialise in Accountancy and Bookkeeping education. They also offer apprenticeships for those currently working who want to do some added studying on the side.

Just do your research and ensure that the course will get you a known qualification at the end, such as a Diploma or similar. It would also be ideal if the company were a recognised body so your efforts can be appreciated by more people or companies.


Depending on which you prefer, you can also choose distance learning or classroom learning. Would you be better socialising with people, and discussing ideas, or working independently from home?


Entry-Level Jobs

Entry-level jobs, or graduate jobs, are for those who want to go straight into a job from high school.


Some jobs might require you to have studied certain subjects, or might require that you have certain grades. But once you’re in, there’ll be plenty of opportunities to work your way up.


Some jobs, such as Traineeships, might be unpaid for a period of time up to six months. But you should still consider them in order to get the required experience you need to move up and start getting paid.


You shouldn’t feel pressured into going to university if it isn’t what you really want. Look at the alternatives and decide which is the right route for you.

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