Enjoying Sports on a Budget

There are plenty of ways to enjoy sports today. In addition to playing, you can watch from the stands, view from home on television, or play video games based on the sport. Many other fans also enjoy placing bets on games and on the overall outcomes of championships, as it’s a way they can interact with the sport and put their knowledge to the test. Of course, the most frugal bettors will use sites like oddschecker to find the biggest free offers and promotions, but this is just one of many ways that sports fans can enjoy their passion on a budget. 

If you’re as fanatical about frugality as you are about football, then here are some other tips you might want to try. 

Renegotiate Your TV Package

Most sports fans watch games on TV, even if they enjoy going to the matches in person. Unfortunately, the cost of satellite or cable subscriptions can balloon very quickly once you get out of the initial introductory promotional period. 

You don’t have to continue paying these sky-high prices. Both of the two biggest pay-TV providers are known to offer better deals to customers who are considering leaving, and MoneySavingExpert has produced a comprehensive guide on how to get them. 

Share the Cost of a Pass

Instead of subscribing to a full package, some sports broadcasters in the UK, including Sky and BT Sport, offer shorter-term subscriptions to get access to their channels. While it is against their terms of service to share your password with other people, you can invite all your friends round to watch the games. If you split the cost of one of these passes and watch the game with your buddies, then it’s a win-win for you all. 

Use Free Bet Offers

For any sports fans who are considering betting on their favorite team, or want to place an outside bet on an underdog, consider looking for promotions. Online betting is competitive, so most sites have offers for new customers, as well as loyalty schemes.

Free bet offers are particularly attractive, as players don’t have to wager their own money to try out the site. This is a fun way to enjoy sports betting with less initial risk, and a great way to keep the budget down whilst watching the big game.

Consider Games That Are Further Away

While it may feel counterintuitive, there are times when watching games at further-away venues can actually save you money. Formula 1 is a prime example of this. A grandstand seat for race day only can set you back more than £500, and that’s before travel costs, food, and accommodation are included. 

Yet, it’s possible to travel to Belgium, Spain, or Hungary, spend three nights in a hotel (with breakfast included), get circuit transfers, and admission to the circuit for a similar price or less. By taking one of these opportunities, not only will you spend the same or less, but you’ll get a weekend holiday thrown in!

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