The Frugal Golfers Guide: 7 Ways to Save Money

The Frugal Golfers Guide: 7 Ways to Save Money

An article by Today’s Golfer, quoted golf as officially the most expensive sport to play. For many of you seasoned golfers out there, we’re sure this didn’t really come as a surprise. With the price of monthly memberships for local golf clubs, as well as the cost of equipment and attire for the green, it’s likely that you’ll feel the effect on your finances for this expensive hobby.

Thankfully, there are some steps you can take to save a little more money when it comes to golfing – it’s not all financial doom and gloom! Here are seven ways for keeping control of your penny’s whilst being able to enjoy this rewarding (yet pricey) hobby.

1. Don’t snub second-hand

If it’s time for a replacement or you’ve broken your favourite and new gear isn’t in the budget, why not try second hand? While it may be tempting to purchase brand new, Craigslist, eBay and other public online marketplaces have a wealth of hidden gems when it comes to things like this.

2. Be sale savvy

For when you absolutely must be seen in the coolest gear, we understand, we all want to be the trendy one on the green. One way to do this is by shopping the latest golf sales. Never be caught out looking shabby again with a brand-new outfit that cost half the price – the others don’t need to know!

3. Take a packed lunch

We all know that the price of food and drink at your local golf club is a little on the steep side. While it can seem like an inconvenience to prepare a lunch, it can save you a lot of money in the long run. Just prepare for the influx of sarcastic questions about whether your mother made your sandwiches for you – it might be best to leave the crusts on.

4. Do your exercises

How could this possibly save me money I hear you ask? Simple: ditch the golf buggy. The money paid to rent your own personal golf mobile could be better spent on a lovely pair of walking shoes for you to break in as you stroll from hole to hole. Walking is a great form of exercise and if that’s not enough to get you convinced, you can appreciate your surroundings much more if you’re taking a leisurely walk across the course.

5. Take advantage of yearly rates

Most golf clubs will offer a yearly membership rather than a monthly one for a fraction of the price. If you’re a creature of habit who rarely ventures from the same course they know and love, then this is probably the best idea for you. Ask for an loyalty discount on top of that if you’re feeling particularly cheeky.

6. Check for daytime price changes

Such is the case with weekend hobbies, everybody goes early morning to the afternoon – so the green is inevitably empty from 3pm onwards. Most golf courses will offer a late afternoon discount to try and lure some potential business, so taking advantage of this will make a trip to the green significantly cheaper for you. You also won’t have to worry about it being busy either, so it’s double the win!

7. Buy cheaper balls

There’s something we need to get off our chests: for anyone but a seasoned pro, there is no difference between a £2 set and a £10 set of golf balls. You’re not going to hit it any straighter just because it’s more expensive. Just think, with all the money you save on buying expensive golf balls, you could get yourself some professional lessons that will actually help your game.

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