A Guide to WhatUsersDo – Test websites and get paid

A Guide to WhatUsersDo - Test websites and get paid


WhatUsersDo is a UK based company that basically take the ‘Let’s watch you experience this website’ part of Focus Groups straight to your home. They pay a very decent wage of £8 per 20 minute task and I feel, having done a few tasks for them they have an excellent setup and grasp of  what it is both the clients and the end users (us) want in the experience.

The Money Shed was first introduced to WhatUsersDo by member IdeasGuy who posted about his experiences with them. The a nutshell you basically review websites and talk about your experiences as you go about doing various tasks on the site. This might be something as simple as trying to find a particular item or attempting to purchase something.

WhatUsersDo is setup in that it catches both your voice as you describe what you are doing and why but most importantly it also has technology to also grab what is going on on your screen. This is nothing to worry about, it open happens while you are doing a task and for anyone that has done this sort of thing in focus groups you will know it is all common place.

The following all comes from IdeasGuy’s original post on The Money Shed




A guide to WhatUsersDo.

I came across this site and it has the potential to make me a nice little bit of extra cash. It is really simple to use and each task takes roughly 10 – 20 minutes.
So, what is it?
You get paid to review websites. The systems records your screen and records audio as you talk out loud what you think while using the site to be tested. It helps shape development for future changes and gets feedback on “customer” interactions.

To get started, all you need is –
1.   A pc or laptop with an internet connection
2.   An up-to-date browser version
3.   A microphone – either built in or external. I prefer external like.
You will also need a PayPal account. I have set up a dedicated email address as well rather than getting it all to my personal address.

To sign up go to THIS LINK– It will take you right to the application page of the website. Fill in your personal details and verify the email they send. The page will look like this –

You then have to complete a short practice test. In my case I was asked to find out weather information in my city for a few days away and change the temperature reading. Pretty straight forward.
The thing to remember is TALK SLOWLY and STEADILY! I am a Glaswegian and we get very, very fast – it also doesn’t help I have a very strong accent!

The site then asks you to input the info in a box and submit the recording. You honestly click 2 buttons and the site takes care of the rest.
I heard back within 24 hours that I was accepted and have 6 tests through to me already.
The best part – They pay £8 a time – no pennies here or dollars there. Straight up, every test gets you £8!

So go and have a look, we’re all online anyway right??

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