Helping Your Teen Pass Their Driving Test First Time

Helping Your Teen Pass Their Driving Test First Time

Learning to drive is exciting for your teen but it can also be stressful. As their parent or guardian, you want to be able to help them in anyway possible. It’s important to you that they become competent drivers, both for their own and others’ safety.

When it comes time to take their test, many learners often make small mistakes due to nerves. This can result in a fail, knocking their confidence. To reduce their anxieties, here are some ways you can be a super parent and increase their chances of passing first time.

Provide Opportunities to Practice

You know the old saying: practice makes perfect. This is certainly true when it comes to learning to drive. The more time your teen spends behind the wheel, the more confident they will feel when taking their test.

When possible, take your teen out to practice. Choose quiet locations when they first start learning and switch to traffic and busier roads when they’re nearing their test. Just remember to arrange insurance – short term policies from the likes of Dayinsure are great for learners – and be a patient, motivational coach, providing encouragement and constructive criticism.

Use the Test Routes

In every city, the test centre examiners will ask learner drivers to follow one of the official test routes. These will often include one-way roads and difficult junctions. To help them pass first time, make sure your teen is familiar with these routes and roads.

Point out any areas that could pose a potential problem and make sure your teen knows how to handle them.

Learn the New Test Rules

The driving test has changed many times over the last few years and now learners are expected to complete a very different exam. One of the easiest ways you can help your teen to pass first time is by learning what these changes are and how they will affect them.

In addition to a ‘show me, tell me’ section of questions, learners are now also expected to demonstrate independent driving for 20 minutes and may be asked to follow a sat nav.

Revisit Common Mistakes

While learners are allowed minors during their test, too many errors, or a major, could result in a fail. Prevent this by revisiting some of the most common mistakes learners make.

Make sure your teen is prepared before reaching a junction, steers correctly, has good observations, does not speed, regularly checks their mirrors, and has found the bite point before pulling away.

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