How A Good Set Of Blinds Saves You Money

Blinds Saves You Money

Bills, utilities and taxes, these are the three big things that everyone hates paying every month. Getting the ominous brown envelopes turn up in your post box on the 1st of every month is disheartening. While there are ways to reduce the amount you have to shell out for your taxes, there are also ways to cut down on the cost of utilities and your bills.

Today specifically, we’re looking at how you can reduce the cost of your bills and utilities with blinds… Yes you read that right! We’ll be looking at the money saving benefits that a good set of blinds bring along. Buying blinds may not be an immediate money saver, but the blinds will pay themselves off over time with the savings they bring.

Heating Bills

There’s one thing that never fails to scare us each year, that one thing is of course opening heating bills in the Winter, the amount you have to pay sky rockets all because you need to stay warm, this is where the blinds come in.

Modern blinds are now made out of better material than ever before and a side effect of this is insulation. Now having all your windows covered with insulating blinds will help keep heat in your home and the cold outside, even in houses with double glazed windows, windows are still one for the biggest causes of heat leakage.

Now with insulating blinds keeping the warm in, you’ll notice that your heating doesn’t need to be on as high or for as long as usual, meaning that during the cold months, the cost of your heating bill won’t increase as rapidly when the heat outside drops.

Electricity Bills

Now this is the polar opposite to the last tip, much like our heating bills skyrocket in Winter, our electric bills jump up in the Summer as we’re blasting our AC and setting up desk fans to help us keep cool.

We mentioned that modern blinds help insulate a room, this is still true with heat, keeping the outside warm and inside cool, this is improved if you get a reflective blind which will reflect light off the back of the blind to improve the ability of the blind to keep you cool inside. 

Having your blinds closed will help keep the heat out of rooms and help keep your room nice and cool. This means you don’t need to have a fan on all day to keep you a nice temperature.

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