How Employers Can Invest in Their Employees to Boost Performance

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We all know that healthy employees have a balanced work-life. They’re able to take care of themselves and their work area while also helping others. This is especially important in a company where productivity is our top priority. However, finding people who can bring the results you need full-time can be challenging. That’s why we’ve created this guide, which will show you how to invest in employees to support their wellbeing and productivity.

This will help you from when you onboard your first employee through to company expansion and beyond.

Establish Company Values

The way you conduct yourself in your business will set the tone for how your employees will conduct themselves.

To create an environment where a healthy work-life balance is possible, you have to establish a company culture and essential values.

These values should be important to you as a business owner and things that will motivate your employees.

Once you’ve established these values, make sure they’re written down and shared with all of your employees. Make it clear what the values mean because if they don’t know what this means, they will not be motivated by them.

Once you put these values in place, it will make it easy for your team members to understand their expectations. They’ll also know that there are consequences for not meeting those expectations.

When everyone knows what their responsibilities are and how they can help the company succeed, everyone is motivated and happy– which leads us back to productivity!

Invest in Thorough and Extensive Employee Training

First, get your team accustomed to working smarter and not harder. You can make a big difference for your employees from simple things like taking breaks and watching their steps.

In addition to the small changes, you can make on your own, invest in employee training through your company’s benefits package. This will help you get the most out of your employees’ time by helping them understand how they could be more efficient with their work.

Depending on what kind of company you have, investing in training could also be easier or more complicated than other options. Suppose you don’t have a large amount of experience for someone on staff to take care of training for you. In that case, it may be more appropriate to hire a professional trainer rather than third party software via outsourcing than train someone internally. This can get you the results you need while reducing the workload associated with training; after all, new employees need to get onboarded and existing employees updated with new working methods and technology.

Regardless of which option is right for you, remember that the more education and training you provide, the more positive impact it will have on your employees’ productivity and wellbeing.

Pay Attention to the Work Environment

Your employees’ environment plays a massive part in how efficient they can be within the working day. There are different things you can do to enhance the operational experience for everyone.

  • Make sure your office is as clean and organised as possible
  • Keep your employees healthy by providing a well-stocked pantry and healthy snacks
  • Create an environment that encourages creativity
  • Encourage team meetings to discuss what’s going on within the company
  • Don’t forget about fun activities. You never know when you’ll need to motivate someone for an important project.
  • Discourage internal gossip and toxic behaviour, and language
  • Create ergonomic office spaces and maintain a constant temperature throughout.

You can do many things to help promote employee productivity at your company. For example, if you haven’t considered using capacity planning tools, it’s worth doing some research into these in order to plan your task management and maximise productivity. Still, first, you need to understand that having a balanced work-life is vital for both productivity and health.

Allow Room for Employee Growth and Development Within The Company

Companies want to invest in their employees. They’re looking for the best talent, eager to meet the job’s demands, and ready to take on new responsibilities.


But it’s not just about giving your employee a position within your company. Organisations also have to find a way to give employees room for growth and development. There are many ways employers can achieve this, such as through social compensation structures, but no matter how you choose to do it, it’s an essential step in ensuring your employee can deliver at their best.

Not only will they provide more value if they are given a chance to grow and develop within your company, but they will also feel more fulfilled with their job role but more confident in the job they perform too.

Appreciate Employees Have Lives Outside of Work

The reality is that employees have lives outside of work too. All too often, employers can overlook this aspect and expect employees to be available to work as and when they demand.

You can never know what is happening in everyone’s lives, but treating employees like adults will yield far better results than monitoring their every move. 

Offer flexible working where possible or requested to help employees achieve a better balance. Consider remote working if you can and appreciate that sometimes, life doesn’t go to plan no matter how inconvenient. People get sick, or have accidents or need time off for any manner of reasons. While you do need to monitor staff absences, avoid coming down too harshly and instead get to the bottom of repeated absences and see if you can do anything to help if you value the employee.

Offer Competitive Wages and Perks

Employees want to work for a company that offers competitive wages and perks. Such compensation for a job well done can vary from your company’s industry, location, and employee position. Some typical suggestions include;

  • 1) Competitive Salaries
  • 2) Sign-on Bonuses
  • 3) Performance Bonuses
  • 4) Acknowledgement of Efforts
  • 5) Added holiday, paid sick leave, and mental health days cna lal be attractive options for current and prospective employees.

Take On Board Employee Feedback

While it is imperative you give employees constructive feedback on their work thus far for both good and poor performances, accepting feedback from employees will make you a better employer and improve your company culture and productivity.

Listen to concerns and see how you can implement changes suggested – even on a trial basis. Doing so will help your employees feel valued and respected, and they will repay this favour in their work. After all, they are the ones who are doing the work for you and know what they need to do their job well.

Embrace Team Building

Team building is undoubtedly a cliche, but it successfully creates an efficient and cohesive team. You want people to jel and work well together, and they cannot do that if they are disconnected or there is an air of secrecy within the company.

Allow employees the time to get to know each other outside of their work personas and on a personal level. From in-office meetings where they can relax and focus on themselves as a group to weekend retreats, you can explore more about trust and relationships to build a better team.

Once everyone is more familiar with each other, you will be able to boost the relationships within the team with regular team building exercises and benefit from a healthier working environment and more seamless collaborations between colleagues.

Overall, you are relying on your employees to do the best job possible for you, so why not treat them like the essential part of the business they are to not only show your appreciation for the work they do but also improve your business in many different areas including the customer experience, sales, brand image and so much more.

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