How technology is changing the way we apply for jobs

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Sponsored Post : New technology claiming to change the way we work is being launched at an almost daily rate. From the cloud to 3D printers, there is always an innovative product or service available that can have a significant impact on any workforce in any industry. But what effect is it having on the way we get into the workplace?

Social media platforms have had a dramatic impact on our job hunt. A report by Jobvite found that a whopping 76% of ‘social’ jobseekers found their current position through Facebook, with another popular activity on the site including sharing opportunities to individual contacts.

The report also found that Twitter is the most used platform to ask others for advice and opinions. A great way to attract employers or show you are right for a specific job is to really engage with the online community by sharing ideas, joining relevant groups and contributing to discussions.

While the study showed that only 36% of jobseekers are active on LinkedIn, a huge 94% of recruiters use the site in the hiring process. If you use this platform, make sure your profile has a photo as statistics suggest people are more likely to connect with you.  

On the other side of the coin, our social media pages offer information about us that CVs and cover letters don’t, so always be careful what you post online. A third (34%) of employers who view social media profiles have said that they did not offer a candidate a position because of inappropriate posts, with a further 45% not offering the job due to evident drinking or drug use.

Perhaps the most notable development in the job hunt process is the use of mobiles. Around 43% of job seekers use their mobile device to engage in job-seeking activity. This means that it is increasingly important for employers to optimise their job opportunities via these devices, as us job seekers have high expectations! 55% of us expect to be able to see job openings without having to register, 27% expect to be able to apply for a job through their mobile and 37% expect a career site to be mobile optimised.

Simple things such as a short loading time or being able to upload your CV through a cloud server could mean the difference between applying for a job and not. Companies need to take these rapid developments on board and ensure that they are reaching the maximum audience when posting a job.

We’ve seen that social media allows for potential employers to take a peek at our lives, but the wave of online review sites allows for us to see what life is like at a company. Sites like Glassdoor let employees write reviews about the company they work for, including information on culture, work/life balance and salary. Companies must now ensure that their online reputation is strong, as having multiple negative reviews could easily discourage their perfect employee from applying.

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