DiscountIF – Cashback shopping made fun

DiscountIF - Cashback shopping made fun

Sponsored Post: Over the last few years the popularity of online shopping has increased as people find the need to save time and money, choosing to do this sat in front of a screen rather than heading out to the shops.

The only problem with this is that you lose some of the enjoyment from shopping, no stopping for coffees and a natter with friends, the joy of finding an unexpected bargain in the bargain basket. Luckily for those shoppers who’d like a little excitement putting back into their shopping there is

DiscountIF is a UK retail site that offers something a little different to its shoppers. When you want to make an online purchase from you run the link through them, you are then given a list of upcoming events that have cashback offers attached to them. You select the offer/event you like the most and if you win then you get the cashback – this could mean you get your purchase for free. It’s a win-win situation, if you don’t win then you get the purchase you were getting anyway but if you do win then that purchase could be completely free.

How does it work?

You find the product you want to buy from and pop the link into where you will get a better offer. You confirm the order, making sure all the product options are correct such as colour, size etc. You are then offered a list of cashback offers that are linked to different events; events include anything from football and tennis to the X Factor and the weather. Examples:

100% cashback IF England wins the Euro 2016

80% cashback IF a girl wins the X Factor

100% cashback IF it snows on Christmas Day.

You then pay for your purchase like you would normally and it is shipped to you as usual. You then wait for the results of your event, if you win then you get the stated cashback but if not then you still have your purchase.

Cashback that has been won will be deposited into your DiscountIF account within 30 days and can either be withdrawn back on to your selected debit/credit card or used to purchase other items via the site.

The percentage of cashback may fluctuate and are calculated in real time so you are given 10 minutes from selecting your offer to complete your purchase, a timer will appear on your screen to let you know how long you have left to make the purchase. Once the time is up you will need to start over if you still wish to make the purchase but your offers may be different.

DiscountIF is a great way to add a little spark of excitement back into your online shopping, and it won’t cost you any more than you would have been spending anyway so certainly worth a go. Imagine doing all your Christmas shopping via the site and each of your events winning – that would make for a very merry Christmas.

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