How to make money from a dating website

make money from a dating website

There seem to be more and more dating websites out there. Every month a new one seems to appear which appeals to yet another niche out there but how unearth can they all keep running and what methods are they using to make money.

From looking around at various adult dating sites it’s quite clear that there are 2 different models out there.

The Freemium Model ( such as nostringsdating uk )

This is when users will get access to the website but if they want any extra features it’s time to dip into their pockets. This model can work quite well as by the point of them needing the added functionality (think the ‘Boost’ feature on Tinder) the user can be so invested that they see the cost as a necessity.

The Subscription Model

This is without a doubt the most traditional of the models and was how dating websites made their money in the formative years of online dating. An example of the subscription-based website is eHarmony. Here is it possible for people to pay for a month of membership or for 3/6/12 months and get a discount for the longer they pay but the ‘catch’ is that you are obviously paying the money up front with no guarantee that you will (a) find a partner (b) find a partner within the first month and then you’ve ended up shelling out for an entire year of membership. You tend to find with sites that run this model that they have a more aggressive advertising budget as well and this is because they are getting the money upfront from users. The downside is that they tend to need to run quite a lot of free trials as the barrier to entry is far greater than the freemium one.

Once the sites have decided on their model they need to think about other ways in which they can harness those users and gain value from them. Dating sites actually lose money when a new relationship is formed as they have obviously lost 2 users who then won’t go forward and continue to use the site so it’s important that you are able to harness.

The two most popular methods that dating websites make money tends to be through contextual ads or affiliate advertising.

Contextual advertising

Contextual advertising is meant to display ads that are relevant to the web page’s content that a person is currently viewing, or has viewed before. is the best contextual advertising service there is:
– There is no cost involved.
– Easy money if you have lots of content and lots of traffic.
– Targeting happens on its own.
– No third parties are involved.
– A convenient interface for managing your ads and ad formats.

Affiliate programs

By participating in the affiliate programs such as Awin, you can profit from advertising goods and services of third-party companies.

The main difference between an affiliate program and other methods of earning money is that you get paid for the outcome: for bringing new leads or sales so for a dating website so you will find the dating websites will offer everything from perfume and flowers through to the ability to book tables at restaurants for your date and all of this will be bringing money in for them!

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