How To Make Money From A Holiday Cottage

Make Money From A Holiday Cottag

Holiday homes are looking like an increasingly viable option when it comes to buying properties to let out. More and more holidaymakers are choosing to stay home and cater for themselves rather than stay in a hotel where they are restricted by meal times and menus and a lack of space. They want a home from home experience, and a holiday let is the perfect way to get this. Here, we are going to look at how you can make Make Money From A Holiday Cottage.

Spend money to make money

Your holiday home will be a business, and like all businesses, you need to spend money to make money. There are several different ways that you might get hold of a property:

  • Renovating an unused building
  • Buying a house with a holiday let mortgage to rent out
  • Building a house on some spare land
  • Inheriting a property

The more that you can offer your guests with your property, the more chances of bookings. You will want to make sure the property has modern conveniences and is cleaned to within an inch of its life after every booking and is redecorated and freshened up regularly. Depending on the sort of people you are targeting, you may want to spend money on some extras such as hot tubs and swimming pools. Most people like off-road parking at a holiday home, so if you can find a way of incorporating that, it will increase the chances of bookings,

Marketing your property

There is no point in having a fantastic property with glorious views and all the features that anyone could ever want if no one knows it exists. If you are a bit savvy, you could have a go at marketing your property yourself. You would need a set of decent photographs, showing off your property to it’s very best and a website. You can build a website relatively cheaply and easily, although you may want to read up on how to optimize it, so it ranks highly on search engines. Then, you need to promote it. Social media is always one of the best ways – it is free and can reach a huge group of people. 

Many holiday cottage owners decide to go through an agency to market their property. They do all the hard work, from advertising it on their website and taking the photos to arrange bookings and payment. If you want to be a bit more ‘hands-off,’ this may be the best course of action for you.

Listen to feedback

With even the best holiday property, there is always room for improvement, and the best people to tell you what you are doing right and where you could be better are the very people that matter – your guests. Make sure that once you are set up and taking bookings, you ask for feedback from guests, whether in the form of a guest book or online reviews and take on board their suggestions and criticisms. 

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