Are You Spending Way Too Much Every Month?

Spending Way Too Much

If you feel like you’re spending more than you’re making at the minute, it might be because you’re close to doing that. The way our lives have been set up for us is to pay for everything as soon as we get a full time job. So, not only are we trying to live the best life that we possibly can, work a full time job, having driving lessons, pay for clothes and everything else that we were used to getting paid for us. Being thrown into this independence so early teaches us nothing about money management. There are the rare few people who are so good with money that they already have a lot of savings from a young age. There are then the people who have a lot of savings from a young age, but then blow it all on holidays, food, and bad spending choices. So, if you feel like you’re spending more than you’re earning, now you’ll see that it might be because you actually are. We’re going to show you how you can change all of that by a few spending habit changes, as well as some changes to the items that you own.

When Life Is Costing A Fortune

Life is either going to be super cheap for you, or you’ll have got yourself into a cycle of spending so much money that life is just costing you a fortune. There are two big expenses for us as adults, and one that’s ignored the most is our cars. We accept the fact that we have to pay so much for insurance, fuel, and repairs. But that’s often because more people are stuck with older second-hand cars than they are new ones. However, we are noticing that people can now get a finance deal on a car far easier than they ever have before. Thanks to credit scores not needing to be as high, and zero deposit finance schemes, you could visit websites such as and pick out a car. You could then drive that car away within a few days. You’ll pay less fuel, newer cars have less road tax, and you’ll be spending your money far better. 

Use Apps To Manage Your Money

Using apps to manage your money is such a modern thing to do, and it’s a modern thing that we think you should be doing if you aren’t already. All you have to do is download them on your phone and they’re there and ready to use. They’re great for on the go use so you can always keep up to date with your finances. 

Spend Better 

Finally, make sure you’re spending better. We usually find it so hard to manage money because we’re spending as we want for the first two weeks, and then regretting it for the final two weeks. So, spend better by shopping at discount stores, and planning the treats that you want throughout the month rather than spending all of your money within a week or two. We know it is easier said than done, but once you break the habit it becomes natural.

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