How To Make Money From Amazon Affiliate Blogging

Make Money From Amazon Affiliate Blogging

cPeople start blogging for a variety of reasons. Many put up blogs because they want to write about topics they’re very passionate about or because they want a creative outlet during their spare time. Together with these reasons may come the desire to earn more money. Making money from it is totally possible with affiliate marketing. 

One of the top programs available today is Amazon. You can learn more about Amazon’s affiliate programs and how to maximize these by visiting  If you’re new to blogging, here’s how you can earn more money from being an affiliate. 

  1. Set up your Amazon affiliate account when you start your blog. 

As you’re creating your blog, sign up on Amazon’s website to become its affiliate. Once you’re an affiliate, you earn commission when people visit and click on Amazon links that are found on your blog. Each link has a tracking code that enables you to get a commission when you have a reader that clicks it and makes a purchase. 

In addition, you may also earn from other products, which your reader ended up purchasing because they got directed to Amazon’s website via one of your affiliate links. You may earn from purchases of Amazon products that you didn’t even directly promote.

  1. Use affiliate links as much as possible. 

When you write your content, include as many links as you can to products available on Amazon. For example, you’re writing a recipe on your blog. Put links on the ingredients and cooking equipment you use, such as the flour or baking pan you recommend. The more links you include in your blogs, the more it can translate sales commissions for you. 

  1. Make your content meaningful. 

When you craft your blogs, write about things and experiences that are meaningful to you and to your target audience. Don’t just write an article because you’re marketing a specific product. Rather, write about a relevant topic. Afterwards, choose Amazon links that are related to it.

Doing so helps attract more readers and doesn’t make you sound like a mere salesman trying to earn from random clicks on your links. When readers are naturally attracted to your blog content, this will eventually lead to more Amazon affiliate sales for you. 

  1. Find the perfect timing to promote specific items from Amazon. 

You can earn well from timing related blog posts around big holidays such as Easter and Christmas. If you’re a mommy blogger, come up with an article about Easter-related art and craft activities that you can do with your kids. And then, include Amazon links on the best craft materials. 

For Christmas, you may write a post on the perfect gifts to give your spouse, kids, or in-laws. Then, mention specific products and add in the Amazon links. You may even want to make specific blog posts about the best gadgets to give tech-savvy loved ones for special occasions. 

  1. Identify your top blog posts and add relevant affiliate links. 

A few months or after your first year of blogging, check the posts that have garnered the most number of visits to your blog. Put meaningful affiliate links in these top posts. If these posts are trending, the chances are high that more people will keep on searching and reading these posts and click on your Amazon links.

Note, however, that for this strategy to work, you have to add in the affiliate links naturally in your articles. 

  1. Explore using Amazon widgets on your blog site. 

In addition to using affiliate links, add Amazon widgets at the bottom or the sides of your blog pages. Widgets are mini-programs that run on your blog page. An example is the Amazon Search widget, which enables your readers to look for what they need on Amazon’s website without having to leave your blog page.

Purchases from using the Search widget on your page results in referral commission for you. Another good example is the Deals widget which enables you to feature the best and updated promos from Amazon on your blog page, for your readers to choose from. 

  1. Feature Amazon Bounties on your posts. 

You don’t need to stop at simply endorsing products through your articles. You may also lead your readers towards availing exclusive Amazon services. When your reader signs up for an Amazon service subscription, the commission you earn is called a “bounty.”

An example is Amazon Prime which entitles its subscribers to free one-day or same-day delivery on many items available on Amazon. When you’re writing your blogs, see what particular Amazon service you can promote to your followers and earn bounties from doing so. 


Take advantage of setting up your very own blog to earn extra money by becoming an Amazon affiliate. Produce well-written and meaningful content, and put in affiliate links that will lead your readers to Amazon products. You also have the option to install widgets that will further help your blog followers to maximize promos and services on Amazon. Their purchases and subscriptions will eventually lead to more income for you. 

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