Home Office Options if You Have Limited Space

Home Office Options

Home Office Options if You Have Limited Space

If you’re working from home, then space is a priority. Ultimately, you need to break away from the domesticity and familial obligations. When you’re in work mode, you need a work environment, it’s that simple. However, when you’re at home it can be incredibly hard to come by; so how can you make things better here? 

Well, home conversions can be your best bet here. There’ve been many unusual transformations over the years, but nevertheless, you can get creative and develop a fully authentic office environment with the right know-how.

Consequently, here’re some home office options if you have limited space.

The Knock Through

It’s not a revolutionary idea, but it always seems so when it’s implemented into your own home. If you have two rooms, why not transform them into one? It could be that you have kids who’ve moved out, and no longer need their bedrooms? Perhaps you just have a storage room that, actually, is just full of junk and things you don’t need? 

Look into things here, and you may just be able to make one big room out of two tiny cramped ones. Make sure you’re not on the verge of removing a load-bearing wall, otherwise your house will collapse on itself. Instead, get in a professional builder or surveyor so you can be 100% certain that you can take any walls out. In the end, this is a great way to create a bigger office!

Attic Conversion

Again, if you’ve got rooms full of old tad and things you don’t need, then it could be said that they’re wasted. Have a clear out, and you may even places like the attic are ripe for conversion. You may need to put in a stronger floor so you don’t fall right through it, add some windows and some skylight blinds, and you have the beginnings of what could make a great office space. 

Planning permission is not required for an attic conversion in most cases. However, if you’re planning on expanding the width or size of your ceiling and roof, you will then need permission from the appropriate authorities. This is because you’re altering the size and scale of the house, which could impede on other people’s views or result in an otherwise suitable built for your home. 

Garage Conversion

A garage conversion is a great idea to consider when you’re keen for an effective home office space. It’ll need to be well-insulated, fitted with new flooring and windows just like the attic, but after a good amount of work that cold, rough, dirty space could easily become a snug and cosy work area. Just make sure you swap out most of the materials, so it stays warm in there!

Once again, so long as you’re not altering the structure of your home, you won’t need planning permission for this development. Of course, a garage is only a viable option if you don’t depend on the space for storage. If you need it to keep your car safe, or a bevy of tools (which maybe could instead go in a shed if you have one), then perhaps consider one of the alternative solutions above. 

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