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Whether you’re working from home full-time or just on the odd occasion it’s important to create a comfortable working environment. Although it can be tempting to work from your laptop in bed or while you watch a film sitting on the sofa that doesn’t help your productivity and instead, creating a home office should be a priority. The good news is that making the perfect home office doesn’t have to be a big, expensive job and you can make it work in whatever space you have available.

Create a Space Dedicated to Work

Decide a space in your home that is going to be your workspace and get to work carving this out to be a productive space. At a minimum, you’ll want a desk and a comfortable, supportive chair. You might also want a laptop stand, some lighting and some storage units. Depending on the work you’ll be doing, a 2nd screen or a small filing system could also be worth investing in. Many people assume that they need a spare room in order to create a home office and whilst this is preferable, it is about making the space you have work. So if that means creating a corner to work from in your existing living room, just invest in the right furniture pieces to make that happen.

Make It Feel Like Somewhere You’re Happy to Work From

Depending on the hours you work you’re likely to spend quite a lot of time sitting in your new home office, so make it somewhere that you’re happy to be. This could mean buying lots of colourful stationery or perhaps putting photos of friends and family on display around where you are sat. Think of the ways you might decorate your desk if you were travelling to the office and see which of these you can adapt to use in your new home office space.

Get Rid of Any Clutter

One of the things that is important when creating a home office is that it is free of as much clutter as possible. This could mean that you need to finally get around to emptying that spare room or freeing up some space in the living room. Don’t panic if you’re wondering where to put everything; places like Magenta self storage do really affordable storage units. You can hire them for as little or as long as you need – so even if you just want to put your stuff in there for a few weeks while you work out what to do with it.

We often spend large chunks of our week working so it’s important that we create a working environment that we’re happy in. There is little point in spending your time sitting on an uncomfortable chair or a desk that is too small; because these issues will just distract you from being productive at work. It is definitely worth spending some time, effort and a little money in creating the perfect home office and hopefully these tips have helped.

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