How to save money in meetings

save money in meetings

No matter what type of business you run, meetings will be a part of it. People always need to get together and over the years less and less of those have been physical meetings due to technologies such as Skype for Business being available.

But what other ways are there for you to save money in meetings?

Ad-Hoc minute takers

Depending on the size of your company it may not be practical to employ someone full time to take minutes and write them up afterwards. One solution to that would be to use a minute taking and transcription service from Global Lingo where you can pre-book a ‘virtual minute taker’ who can join the meeting in a passive sense letting the other members of the meeting get on.

Take advantage of technology

I remember in the late 90s being amazed at Polycom speakerphones and how anyone could join in a meeting from the outside world. Now that technology is quite old and things have really moved on. By using technology such as Skype you don’t even need to have any kind of projector or large TV in the room as everyone can screen share from their laptops.

Another big tool you can use in meetings is collaboration. This means that when you are sharing a spreadsheet or word document with others and they are giving you their feedback in real-time people can go in and change that document. This allows for a live feedback environment instead what used to happen which was someone writing down the notes of the changes to be made and then dealing with them later.

Location Location Location

If you have external people coming to your meeting, or perhaps someone from another office site getting everyone to go to one location can sometimes be tricky. Over the last few years, the number of ‘co-working’ spaces that have been cropping up in major cities has really been increasing. A lot of people think they are just there for freelancers to use however ANYONE can log onto their website and book a meeting room and the best bit is that it is usually free to use for an hour. This means that in some cases you hold meetings in more, shall we say plush offices which when you are meeting an external client can really give off a great impression of your company for no additional cost.

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