How to save money on dentistry

save money on dentistry

Going to the dentist must be one of the least enjoyable ways you can spend your money. Most of the time it’s only for a checkup but every now and again when you need some work doing the costs can really start mounting up, especially if you have gone private instead of through the NHS.

More and more when you go you tend to see the NHS work as being a dentists ‘bread and butter’ and its the teeth whitening or straightening where the money is for them.

But what can you, as a consumer do to help keeps the costs down when it comes to going to the dentist

Take advantage of a dental plan

Most dentists these days offer a dental plan or sorts. This is where you pay month each month and it covers you for twice-yearly checkups and polish, with maybe some extras thrown in as well! This is a great way of not only spreading the cost but also getting more bang for your buck compared to just paying out in cash each time you go.

Shop Around

If you decide to get some cosmetic dentistry done then shop around. These things are typically done privately and so there is no need to use your regular dentist in this case. Places such as London Cosmetic Dentistry or the Smile Clinics offer everything from invisible braces through to professional teeth whitening at prices to suit no matter what your budget and with many of these establishments offering payment plans as well.

Take advantage of Dental Insurance

Dental insurance isn’t typically talked about a lot due to the fact a lot of people would just pay the NHS prices so if you have good teeth then they may not be the best option for you. However, if you have a family history of dental problems then it may be prudish to look at taking out dental insurance. It’s important to remember that dental insurance will also cover you should you need any treatment abroad.

It’s important you check that you are also not already covered for dental insurance. A lot of workplace ‘healthcare plans’ cover dental work as well and you don’t want to be paying out twice. As always with insurance make sure the excess you would pay isn’t too high. It’s fine paying a £50 excess for £150 worth of treatment but paying a £100 excess plus the monthly insurance costs will mean you are in the red right from the get-go.

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