How To Save Money on Office Cleaning

Office cleaning

It’s not a stretch to say that most people dread cleaning duties associated with working in an office. Unless you have a dedicated cleaner to clean up after everyone, this will inevitably be left mostly to the same people. A sad but true fact. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Making a few small changes to your office environment and how you approach cleaning can create a cleaner, healthier working environment and reduce your office cleaning bills.

Staff Check List

The best way to reduce your office cleaning bills is to make your employees responsible for cleaning up after themselves. By doing this, you are putting the onus on them to make sure their working space is clean and tidy at all times. Use a checklist for jobs such as;

  • Clearing all rubbish and unwanted papers from their desks
  • Cleaning any mugs or dishes they use personally during the day
  • Wiping down desks, phones, keyboards etc. at the end of each shift
  • Tidy documents, put away any stationery used and leave a tidy working space before leaving for the day.

Implement a New Cleaning Schedule

Do you hire contractors to clean your office daily or twice weekly? Look closely at how often you have cleaners in your office and ask if you really need them to clean that frequently. It may be you can reduce the frequency of bringing in cleaners by adopting a new cleaning schedule and putting more responsibility onto your employees to be in charge of keeping a tidy workspace.

Encourage staff to leave areas clean throughout the day, such as wiping down communal areas after lunch, leaving toilets and locker rooms neat and tidy. A tidier cleaner office will help you reduce the number of hours you need to bring external cleaners.

Invest in Good Quality Tools

Cleaning essentials such as microfibre cloths cut down the need for excessive chemicals and reduce your office cleaning bill by reducing how often you need to replace cleaning equipment. Consider buying your own equipment to make cleaning your office easier. A floor cleaning machine will cut down on the need to clean the floor manually and reduce how long it takes to clean your office floor, thus saving you money.

Have cleaning equipment to hand around the office, e.g. vacuum cleaners and communal bins to separate waste, to reduce staff leaving messes until they leave their desks. Or better still have small cleaning stations at each desk including paper towels, anti-bac cleaners, cloths etc.


Organising your office and ensuring all your staff know where everything is supposed to be and encouraging them to work in a more organised way to keep the office clear of clutter. Use units, storage boxes and cabinets that are labelled.

Ultimately, any changes you make will need to be positively reinforced to encourage all of your staff to be more responsible for their immediate working environment and keeping the office as a whole tidy. Once you implement the changes, you can work towards a cleaner space and enjoy lower office cleaning bills.

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