How you can be uncreative in a creative world

uncreative in a creative world

I don’t know about you but I am honestly as creative as a snail! See even that eye-catching first sentence wasn’t that creative and it’s been a problem that’s followed me all my life.

Every now and again I may have a slight flash of creative genius in terms of something boring like website design but generally, if say we are looking at new wall designs or throws for a sofa I am next to useless.

Being artistic in any sense has never been something I’ve been good at. Even at first school when you used to potato’n’paint art I was just awful at it and it’s probably the reason I don’t remember seeing any of my artistic drawings from first school on the fridge at home growing up.

Even going into high school I dropped art as soon as I got to end of year 9 as I think by that point I had come to accept that no art based masterpiece was ever going to come out of me! While other students were able to make seamless patterns in a 60 minute class I just seemed to create some kind of water colour disaster on the canvas!

Fast forward to my current left in my late 30s and I ironically have ended up working in the ‘online creative‘ world where being able to make snazzy designs and eye catching images is a weekly requirement.

So how do I get around this self made loophole? Well there is a whole raft of websites that website creators and bloggers can use to as a sort of crutch to help pick their content up off the floor and give it a bit of sizzle!

Sites like Canva are very popular with bloggers for example as the site which is free to use and lets users design and create anything from a blog header image all the way through to an Instagram story post. The learning curve for using the site is extremely low and there is a ‘paid’ membership level that some people use (though in 4+ years of using the site I’ve never actually had a requirement to do so!) which offers greater flexibility in terms of image manipulation.

If it’s stock images I need then there is only one site I use on the Internet and that’s Pixabay. With over 1 million royalty free images you can use on your website all in a variety of sizes no matter what the subject matter you will be able to find something to you or your clients taste.

So if you are thinking about getting involved in the creative world and even doing something as simple as designing a few cards to give you to the family it’s great to see that there while a whole raft of websites out there which can support and aide you through making something that is at least presentable. I know people say it’s the effort that counts with a lot of creative things but truth be told, if you look at a lot of parents face when given some sort of art class monstrosity by their kid you can see it really isn’t! 

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