IC Markets in 2019: 4 Trends to Watch Out for

IC Markets in 2019: 4 Trends to Watch Out for

The Forex Market is the largest and most liquid financial market in the world where it averages a daily trading volume of 4 trillion USD. In order to engage in the market, you should hire a reliable broker that allows them to execute various orders while also keeping up with the latest trends and strategies available. 

In order to do so, you should take the time to check reviews of top companies, read another review, compare, and list the pros and cons of all possible options. One option you may want to consider is the IC market, an Australian platform that consists of lower spreads, faster execution, and utilizing superior technology that enables traders to enjoy the latest cutting edge tools in real time.

As the world’s largest ECN or electronics communications network broker, one can expect to find a diverse range of liquidity providers, therefore providing them with more opportunities. As of 2019, one can expect some new development and trends to come into fruition, some of which include:

1. The introduction of mobile trading apps by more companies

More and more people are relying on their smartphones rather than their desktops when it comes to accessing various information on the internet which include social media, blogs, and other forms of data which can be both educational and informative. This is especially true for millennials who are considered the newest generation to get into the workforce.

As a means to provide accessibility to traders of all areas including cryptocurrencies, various companies have invested in creating mobile apps that include a user-friendly interface, thereby allowing anyone with a phone the chance to trade currencies and secure deals on-the-go.

2.  Development of various social trading platforms

Forex social trading provides a social online environment that encourages interaction between traders in real time. This includes sharing knowledge from experts to novices as well as providing various training platforms for those who wish to improve their skills. Think of it as a demo account where instead of training alone, you will be given the chance to train alongside with others while also receiving feedback from industry experts which allows you better insight on the market as a whole.

3. Authorities providing stricter regulations

With the growth on online trading becoming more popular in various countries, several governments have made it a point to enact specific regulations that help protect investors and financial institutions alike. This includes providing strict requirements for regulated brokers as well as providing various means of transparency between transactions to strengthen the bond between investors and financial markets.

Considering the volatile market conditions in previous years, it’s safe to say that many experts are making it a point to focus on security and transparency.

4. The US Dollar remains dominant

Experts believe that the US dollar will continue to be the benchmark of comparing currency rates and value in 2019. Considering the US economy remains relatively healthy in the previous year which resulted in an increased rate of currency, one can expect there might not be any rate hikes in the new year from the Federal Reserve Policy to keep a consistent flow of revenue.

However, by 2020 there is a chance that the price of the dollar may lower due to the fact that the 10-year treasury is currently trading at a 2.75% benchmark, which can either make or break the US dollar. There is no doubt that 2019 will introduce a year of new software and apps that allows traders of all ages to engage within the market.

Aside from introducing innovative platforms, there is a chance that supplemental resources will also be included to help educate new traders into the market with ease. One can expect webinars and other online resources on multiple channels that offer helpful information that every novice needs. If you are interested in trading in foreign exchange, there is no year better than 2019 since the USD will most likely remain stable throughout the year.

2019 for Traders

Understanding the trends of Forex trading in the future allows one to formulate strategies and plans that will help them seek out more opportunities. This is especially applied to experts who have become accustomed to desktop trading which usually hinders their flexibility. With new trading platforms and a vast number of material, veterans in the industry will also be able to exercise their expertise by participating in various social networks that can educate and uplift budding traders.

While many of these plans are still developing, it helps to keep in touch with the latest news to help improve one’s craft.

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