The importance of remembering self care when you’re a busy mum

The importance of remembering self care when you're a busy mum

Being a busy working mum can often lead you to neglecting yourself in certain ways especially when it comes to personal grooming. Some women will go a whole year in between haircuts either because it’s a way to save money or because they just don’t get the time to visit a hairdresser. Looking your best is extremely important for a busy mum because it will boost low self-esteem; you sometimes forget how great you feel after a simple haircut. There are a few simple ways to keep you looking tip-tip when you’re on a budget and/or you have very little time, you can also find some great information on Startifacts about looking after your personal grooming.

Use A Mobile Hairdresser

So you don’t have time to get to the salon and it’s been months since you last had that mop of hair on your head seen to, well why not book a mobile hairdresser to come to you? They’re often very flexible, can do most things that a salon can (even dye), are slightly cheaper than a salon and you can sit there in your pyjamas watching the TV while they work their magic. A money saving tip: get the whole family done at the same time – a mobile hairdresser will sometimes offer a discount if there is more than one haircut booked.

Choose A Simple Style 

You might be tempted by the most recent celebrity hairstyle but be realistic if you want to mimic it. Yes, those loose curls are to die for and a patterned undercut looks super cool but do you really have the time or money to maintain it? If you only have an hour on a morning to get yourself and three kids ready for school and out the door do you really have time to curl your hair expertly?

Use The Right Products

A product won’t be listed as “Dry/Damaged Hair” for nothing, using the correct product to look after your hair is a must. It’ll help repair or maintain your hair so it looks healthier and needs less looking after in the long run. Check out Startifacts for some great product reviews and to see what is the best thing for you to use.

Coconut Oil Is Your Best Friend

When in doubt, coconut oil is amazing for your hair. Warm a little in a bowl and apply from root to tip, cover with a shower cap and leave overnight. Wash it off the next morning using your regular shampoo and be amazed at how healthy and shiny your hair looks.

You might think finding thirty minutes to an hour a week to yourself is asking a lot but in order to remain a happy and sane parent then it is a must. Take that time to have a relaxing bubble bath with a glass of wine, some candles, your favourite mag and tackle the other areas of personal grooming that haven’t been covered here – your whole family will thank you for it.

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